Tourism business course

Japanese particularly for the tourism business service

Tourism business course Tourism business course

Ever since Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute began offering travel business courses 10 years ago, it has become a popular selection for intermediate-level students. However, to take this business Japanese course, the JLPT N3 is required. Using SNG's original texts, students will study the proper speech and learn Japanese mannerisms necessary to interact politely and professionally with customers in shops, restaurants, hotels, and other service positions. Every term, students team up to design a tour, as well as create and present an advertising pamphlet.


• Converse and express oneself in polite Japanese necessary for the service industry.
• The ability to introduce famous Japanese landmarks and products, and to explain Japanese culture.
• Gain necessary presentation skills.

Term Every term (for 3 months)
Level Intermediate
(must have passed or placed higher than Intermediate Ⅰ)
Materials “Japanese Conversation for Travel and Hospitality” (Kankou – Hotel Business no Tame no Nihongo Kaiwa)
“Japanese Geography” (Nihon no Chiri)
other media (newpapers, journals, etc.)
Field Trip Three times per term (eg. Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Strawberry-picking tour, Tori no Ichi market, etc.)

Optional classes

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