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Learn Japanese through a Full Immersion Short-Term Summer Course

Short-Term Summer Course in Japan

  • A 3 week stay in Japan
  • Japanese courses in the morning
  • Numerous extracurricular activities and events

SNG offers you a Summer Language Stay in Japan . Come for 3 weeks during July and August to live in Tokyo and learn Japanese through a full-immersion course in one of the oldest Japanese language institutions in Tokyo.
Take advantage of our wide selection of activities and daily excursions, and make new international friends. A unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories!

Study Japanese and experience Tokyo first-hand!

The Summer Course includes: Japanese classes all morning at our school in Takadanobaba, in the heart of Tokyo's student district, and numerous tours and activities for you to discover and experience Japan. We strive to improve the experience every year, and the program will always include: day trips to Kamakura and Okutama, a day at Fuji Q Highland, participation in one or more traditional festivals, a Kimono wearing class, and many more activities. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure!
The Summer Course creates the perfect environment for you to advance your Japanese by balancing studying with cultural immersion, where you will have the the opportunity to attend our morning Japanese classes. The Summer Course is oriented towards beginners, so you can learn the fundamentals. Whether you've only just begun the basics or have some confidence in your Japanese, SNG has a weekday course for you.

Security and Supervision

All activities offered by the school are supervised by school staff and faculty, and our bilingual staff is prepared to assist you to the best of our ability.

This Summer, come to Japan!

For more details, prices, and the itinerary for next year, please visit our website SNG Summer Course

Summer Course

Courses Travel insurance
¥200,000 ¥3,800
You can also register for a full package that includes lodging. For more details about accommodation fees, feel free to consult our web site dedicated to the Summer Course. What is included in the course fee: Japanese language lessons, excursion fees including transportation fares between school and destination. Commuting fares to school, plane tickets, accommodation fees, personal expenses and optional activity fees are not included in the course fees.

SNG Student participating in the traditional Japanese festival of Bon Odori