Sakura House

120 properties, 1500 rooms in the center of Tokyo
  • Furnished dormitories, Share houses, Apartments
  • 1 to 6 persons per room (free selection) / Free WiFi
  • Free WiFi
  • The nearest one just 15 minutes by foot

There are about 120 properties, 1500 rooms available in the center of Tokyo: Dormitories, share houses and apartments. All rooms are furnished (table, chair, bed or futon and A/C). Shared spaces with other students in dormitories and share houses include kitchen (with refrigerator, microwave oven and tableware) and living room (with TV set, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and Free WiFi). Heat, light and water utilities are included in the rent. People from more than 100 countries are staying at Sakura House. Prices, location, and other details may differ from what indicated on the website. Please contact us for more details.

Room Type
Furnished dormitories, share houses, furnished apartments.


Sakura House Tabata3
from ¥ 35,000 month/person
¥ 20,000 Deposit
Sakura House Zoshigaya, dormitory room
from ¥ 43,000 month/person
Sakura House Zoshigaya, share house
from ¥ 67,000 month/person
¥ 20,000 Deposit
Sakura House Tabata3
About 24 minutes from school by train
Sakura House Zoshigaya
About 15 minutes from school on foot

Booking Conditions
Bookable Anytime