Homestay in Japan

For those who wish to communicate with a Japanese family
  • 1・2 meals included (variations possible).
  • Single Room
  • Starting from one-night stays

There are approximately 2.500 host families in Japan (statistics for August 2014). Homestay is an ideal accomodation for those who want to get to know more about Japanese culture, traditions, to see the real, everyday life of Japanese families, and also to implement the Japanese they learned in school. (price, location, and other details can differ from what is indicated on the website. Please contact school personnel for details)

Room Type
Stay at a Japanese family's house


Arrangement fees ¥ 21,600
¥ 5,292 /day (2 meals included)
May vary depending on the host family

Booking Conditions
We will research the most suitable host family for our student after receiving the payment for the arrangement fees.