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Sunday Courses, for Busy People

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute designed this course for students who wish to learn Japanese, but they work or study full-time on weekdays and can only commit to weekend classes. This course has become popular, not only among residents of Tokyo, but also with students living in surrounding locations.

Course details

• In order to complete one text per year, this course does not include review lessons.
• The course follows the textbook.
• The students in this course have often been living in Japan for long periods of time and can participate in daily conversation, although they are unable to read or write (hiragana, katakana, and/or kanji).
• The students are taught the kanji from the SNG Beginner 1 and 2 levels.
• Study begins with the origins of kanji and their basic elements.
• As class time is limited in comparison with the weekday classes, 3-5 kanji are studied at one time; and so, the textbook from the kanji course (Basic Kanji) is used.
• In the intermediate and advanced levels, there are conversation and speech sections in the textbook.
• There will be time in these levels for students to give simple speeches on the included themes.


Class hours 10:00~12:45
Courses offered Beginner 1, Beginner 2,
Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced (5 courses in total)
Textbook Shinjitsuyo Nihongo
Type Registration fee Tuition fee Total
Prices do not include textbooks. The above payments must be made in person at school, at the time of application. Payment by bank transfer is also possible. Contact school for detail.
Sunday ¥15 000
(paid only once)
¥15 000
(per month)
¥30 000
(initial payment)