Category: School Announcements

  • Disaster Relief Volunteer Meeting

    Will you volunteer in Tohoku? Informational meeting this week on Friday, June 10th, at 12:50pm in classroom 111 of Building 1. Please come if you’re interested in participating. The volunteer chief, a French SNG student, will give the explanation. The volunteer period is scheduled for Wed-Sat, June 29th – July 2nd, 2011.

  • Toyako International Exchange Homestay (Hokkaido) now accepting applications!

    The Hokkaido summer homestay programs are still accepting applicants! This program’s destination is Toyako, a famous sightseeing town in Hokkaido. The town is also famous for the G8 Summit conference that was held in 2008. A warm region full of nature, Toyako is included in the top 100 scenic places in Japan. Surrounded by this […]

  • A Lecture by the Totsuka Police

    This past Friday, June 3rd, the Totsuka Police held a meeting on “How to Safely Study Abroad.” A lecture aimed at new students just beginning their study abroad term, the police gave detailed explanations about Japan’s traffic rules, crime prevention, and disaster preparation. Some translation and the principal’s illustrations were used to help students understand […]

  • WIC Japan Classroom Meeting Information

    Waseda International Club will hold Japan Classroom on Tuesdays, June 7th, 14th, and 21st. It’s a good chance for cultural exchange with Japanese university students. Please participate! Schedule: June 7th (Tuesday) 15:00 – chat time 16:30 – Japanese activity June 14th (Tuesday) 15:00 – introduction to the local area and good, cheap restaurants 14:00 – […]

  • Evening Japanese course:  participants wanted !

    “We are now recruiting students for our evening Japanese course (Spring term, 2011) Registration fee   ¥15,000 Tuition fee       ¥60,000 Class details   Class Room Textbook Intermediate 126 various sources Beginner 1 122 New Practical Japanese Beginner 1 ※Minimum enrollment: 5 students Schedule May ① 10th Tues ② 12th Thurs ③ 17th Tues ④ 19th Thurs ⑤ […]

  • French Student Volunteers

    Spring term started two weeks ago on April 11th. The earth is still shaking from time to time, the nuclear reactor problem hasn’t been fixed, but the school is continuing to return to its normal liveliness. Seeing our energetic students, I can’t be down-hearted. Except for one person, thirteen French students that were evacuated by […]

  • Let’s Walk OKUTAMA !

    “Let’s Walk OKUTAMA !       ~Annual “Feel the Forest” Healthy Walk Sponsorship: Okutama City~ Every year we participate in a nature walk through about 10 km of the greenery of the Okutama Forest. The hike lasts approximately four hours, and gathers around 1,000 participants who all walk together. At the start of the event, there will be […]

  • It’s my turn to repay the favor

    “While other students went back home because of the earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear accident, Mr. Liu Hong Jun, one of our Chinese students from Beginner II, offered to do volunteer work in Japan. When we asked him why he wanted to stay in Japan and be a volunteer, he said “My dad told me […]

  • Benevolence of our students

    Our ski trip for March 20 to March 22 has been cancelled because of the Tohoku earthquake. When the school contacted the students about the refund (participation fee of 25,000 JPY), they asked us to donate their money to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. We were greatly moved by their benevolence and desire […]

  • SNG graduation ceremony held at school

    The Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute’s graduation ceremony was scheduled to take place at the Shigaku Kaikan Arcadia Ichigaya on Saturday, March 19th, 2011, but unfortunately Japan was hit with the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on the 11th. More than 300 people attend the graduation ceremony every year, but for safety reasons, we unfortunately had […]