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  • EJU preparation class

    Now accepting applications for the EJU preparation class Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute offers EJU preparation classes for those who wish to go on to higher education in Japan next year. Subject offered in this term: MathematicsⅠ, MathematicsⅡ, Integrated study, Physics, Science, Biology, English and Japanese. Date: from April 13th (Mon) Eligible level: Over IntermediateⅠ *Please […]

  • EJU preparation course

    At Shinjuku Japanese Language Instutite, we are now offering an EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) preparation course. Although students are on a two-week break between the two terms, some of them are woking hard in order to prepare for EJU. This course is quite popular among SNG students, and it is […]