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  • MEXT Scholarship Information

    Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute encourages its students to apply for Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Schience and Technology (MEXT) scholarship. The details are as follows. 【Monthly amount of scholarship】 48,000 JPY 【Coverage period】 6 months 【Number of successful applicants】 3 【Requirements】 See below. 1. Students must possess a student visa, and have entered SNG between April 2010 and April 2011. […]

  • Scholarship Recipients Named

    Two students from Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute have been selected for Takayama International Education Foundation scholarships for 2011. The students, from Korea and Myanmar, were chosen based on their excellent grades, attendance, and class participation. We are thrilled that despite a higher rate of competition relative to the previous year, two of our students were […]