Do you want to work in Japan or a Japanese-related company? Do you already do and wish to communicate fluently with your coworkers or clients?
Learn about various business-related topics using our original materials: commonly used phrases, formal language (keigo), business email etiquette, exchanging business cards, manners, and more only with our online Business course!
Our teachers are all native and certified.

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Business Japanese course

Business manners and language
Course length: 30 hours

Course content

  • Formal language and polite expressions in different contexts (keigo)
  • Greetings and self-introduction in a company
  • Training
  • Understand the company organization
  • Receive instructions from your boss
  • Exchanging business cards when visiting other companies
  • On the telephone
  • Make an appointment
  • Express your opinion (agree/disagree)
  • Read and summarize newspaper articles
  • Explain problems and features
  • Listen to customer needs
  • How to write a proposal, explain the features of a product
  • Recommending products to customers
  • Complaint handling
  • Read and explain sales materials
  • Negotiate prices with business partners
  • Chat with colleagues
  • Make a reservation for a conference room
  • Emails
  • Entertaining guests from overseas
  • Basic manners of Japanese cuisine
  • Explain the contents of a graph
  • Give your opinion to your boss
  • Set the date and time of the meeting
  • Business trip report, summarizing the contents of the business trip
  • Write a notice

Other levels



Pc, tablet or smartphone. If you use a computer, please install the last version of google chrome. Headphones are recommended.

Internet access

Please make sure you have access to a strong enough internet connection that will allow you to see/hear a video stream.

Japanese level

Please check the class content before applying to find the class that fits you best.

Google Meet

Download Google Meet for tablet or smartphone.

Gmail account

We recommend using gmail to connect to the class with desktop(not mandatory). You will need it for smatphone and tablet use.

Time lag

All hours are given in Japan time (UTC+9). Please check your local time

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