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Business Course

Intensive advanced course focusing on Japanese business communication.

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What you will learn
  • Communicate in Japanese appropriate for business situations.
  • Speak at meetings and give presentations in Japanese.
  • Read essential personal information, such as your address.

Since Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute began offering business Japanese 20 years ago, it has become a popular course selection for advanced level students. In order to take this class, students must have a Japanese language ability equivalent to the JLPT N2. The course utilizes “New Businessman Story,” an original textbook created by SNG instructors. Through 50 different business situation role-plays, all using keigo (polite speech), students will learn Japanese business language, manners, and writing styles. Students will study using a variety of sources concerning business and economics. Every term, students participate in a “new product design meeting” team project, where groups compete to create the best new design.


  • Communicate in Japanese appropriate for business situations.
  • Speak at meetings and give presentations in Japanese.
  • Read essential personal information, such as your address.
  • Formal language and polite expressions in different contexts (keigo)
  • Greetings and self-introduction in a company
  • Training
  • Understand the company organization
  • Receive instructions from your boss
  • Explain problems and features
  • Listen to customer needs
  • How to write a proposal, explain the features of a product
  • Recommending products to customers
  • Complaint handling
  • Read and explain sales materials
  • Negotiate prices with business partners
  • Chat with colleagues
  • Exchanging business cards when visiting other companies
  • On the telephone
  • Make an appointment
  • Express your opinion (agree/disagree)
  • Read and summarize newspaper articles
  • Emails
  • Entertaining guests from overseas
  • Basic manners of Japanese cuisine
  • Explain the contents of a graph
  • Give your opinion to your boss
  • Set the date and time of the meeting
  • Business trip report, summarizing the contents of the business trip
  • Write a notice
  • Make a reservation for a conference room

Requirements: Advanced N2~N1 level Japanese. Or must have passed or placed higher than our Intermediate II course.

4 classes (total: 120 hours)

1 Class [ 30 Hours ] = Cost: JPY 49,500

100% Online

Take classes from anywhere.

Certified teachers

Native instructors from Tokyo.

Shareable certificate

Certificate upon completion.

30-hour courses

Once or twice a week.


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group lessons
JPY 49,500 / 30 hours
  • Twice a week
  • Tue & Thu 7pm to 8:30pm (UTC+9)
  • Once a week
  • Sat 10am to 1pm (UTC+9)

JPY 1,650 per hour with 30 hours enrollment.

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Private Japanese Lessons
JPY 75,000 / 10 hours
  • One to one lessons for a tailor made curriculum. Private online Japanese classes by SNG qualified and native teachers. Online lessons can easily be customized to suit the student's needs.
  • Price includes registration fees.
  • Additional lessons are JPY 6,000 per hour.
  • JPY 7,000 per hour for online classes after 6pm (UTC+9).
"Sasaki Sensei is the best Japanese teacher I have ever had! She is so passionate about teaching, very devoted and always cheerful. Her slides were brilliant to explain grammar through examples. I hope I can meet her one day to thank her for all her time preparing for our classes."


SNG Student

Unique teaching method

We've developed a unique visual learning system, proven effective for teaching Japanese to foreigners.

Recognized Institute

100% certified and authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Education and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

More than 45 years of experience

Trusted by more than 10,000 students coming from more than 50 countries from around the world.

Classroom Requirements

Internet Access

Please make sure you have access to a strong enough internet connection that will allow you to see and hear a video stream.


PC, tablet or smartphone is necessary to attend online classes. Headphones are recommended for listening practice but are not mandatory.

Japanese level

Please check the course overview before applying to see if you meet the minimum Japanese language requirements for this class.


This course will be conducted using Zoom or Google Meet. Please download this software for class. No additional purchase necessary.

  • 30-hour course
  • Classes are offered once a week or twice a week. Click enroll for more information on dates and class times.

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    Frequently asked questions

    The maximum number is 15 students per class, but on average our class sizes are around 6 students.
    Yes, you can! For new students with no Japanese experience, we also offer a hiragana and katakana mini course that runs simultaneously with your regular beginner Japanese course.
    Yes, you can! If you already know some Japanese, you can enroll at any time during the semester. Contact us if you would like to enroll after the semester has begun.
    In order to fully immerse students in the language, our teachers generally only speak in Japanese during class time. We find that this is the most effective way to quickly and accurately learn Japanese. However, for students with no experience attending our beginner courses, our teachers may provide limited explanations in English and a few other languages. Some digital contents may be translated in English, French and Spanish as well. We're also working on adding additional languages to support each new term.
    Yes, we can issue an official certficate of completion with our school stamp.
    Yes, we're happy to help! We have an online placement test we can give you to determine which Japanese course is best for you. Please contact us to request a placement test.
    For group lessons, absences can not be made up at a later date or credited back to you. However, as a courtesy, we can record the lesson if you contact us at least 24 hours before the class starts.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Enrolled students are given emergency contact information for online issues, absences, billing, and all other technical support.

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