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Concerning the protection of personal data

The Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute - EZOE School hereafrer referred to as "our school" takes care of its relations with its students, teachers, many educational bodies and anyone in communication with it. We believe that the protection of personal information is a social duty that is part of the fundamental principles of the school. We strive to strictly adhere to the privacy policy presented below. Revised October 1, 2015 / EZOE school Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute Director Takahide EZOE, incorporated education institution.

Regulations of personal data processing

Last revised on January 1, 2016

1. Comprehensive privacy policy.

Our school manages and protects the processing of personal data under the direction of the school administration, while complying with the applicable governing laws.

2. Regulation of personal data collection

We may, by necessity, ask you for your personal data when you make requests on our website (starting with your application to our school, registration, or making purchases). We then collect your contact details after having informed you in advance, for what purpose they will be used.

3. Regarding correct use and management.

The school appropriately manages personal information and uses it only in the ways we have already mentioned. In addition, always with the same general regulations, when we entrust this information to our business partners, we carry out periodic audits on them.

4. Transmission of personal information from a third party.

Our school, except legislative and regulatory provisions, does not transmit personal information to a third party without prior agreement.

5. Accuracy and Security

Our school keeps the most recent accurate personal information and takes preventive measures against illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of this information.

6. Requests for personal information

If a person wishes to transmit, rectify, suspend use or erase their personal data, our school will respond to their request as soon as possible, after verification of their identity.

7. Supervision and improvement of laws

Our school complies with the laws and standards applicable to personal information and strives to improve and perfect the handling of this information.

8. Privacy policy

The school respects the standard regulations concerning the treatment, management, and protection of personal data, according to the instructions of the administration.

General regulations regarding the use of the website.

The website is managed directly by the Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute. The school website applies the protection of personal information in accordance with the points below. It is possible that our school will reform these. If this is the case, the revised section to this policy will be made public through means of communication external to the school website.

1. The handling of personal data obtained through the website.

When visitors make a request, complete a survey, download software, or make an online purchase on our website, their personal information may be transferred. In regards to this information, as well as that obtained by other means, we strive to protect by "general regulations relating to the protection of personal information" (which will be called hereafter "general regulations"). More particularly when obtaining information is done through the internet. we apply logical measures for the protection of the latter and work on the prevention of data leaks.

2. Use of the personal information acquisition system on the Internet.

Part of the school's website uses software, code, scripts and other technologies for the collection of personal information (which will be referred to simply as " technology" hereafter) from Cookies, Java Script or even CGI. This technology allows the acquisition of personal data in relation to the information collection terminals and software used by visitors, but it also allows us to know the personal data recorded in this system and its status without visitors being aware of it. Our school may use the information obtained by our technology (defined above), to effectively publish content on our site or to analyze the preferences of visitors regarding our services. Depending on the terminal system, the operation of our technology may be disabled in the web browser settings. If you wish to make any changes in the settings of the browser system, please refer to its manual or contact the manufacturer. However, please note that by changing the settings, you may no longer have access to some of our services.

3. About access log

Information from visitors to our school's website is recorded in a format called the access log. It includes the names of the domains of the Network servers, the IP addresses of visitors, as well as the name of the content files that have been viewed, the time of connection etc. The access log does not collect the information necessary to identify an individual. Our school uses this access log containing the data corresponding to personal information for the sole purpose of carrying out statistical analyzes concerning the use of the website.

4. About link security on our website.

Our school does not hold any responsibility concerning the protection of personal data for visitors on other websites present in links on our web pages.

Roles and duties of the school and teachers towards students and sponsors.

1. The Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute and its teachers must be aware of their different responsibilities in order to respect the principles set by the school and allow the achievement of the objectives of its students. <br> 2. The school performs the necessary internal audits; if there is a violation of school regulations or even a risk of violation, the school will take preventive measures. <br> 3. Information and personal data obtained in the professional context must not be leaked, destroyed or even used to cause damage or be used for fraud. These commitments must be respected even after retirement. <br>

Regarding copyright

1. Regarding the rules for the use of photos on paper and digital media

Our school strives to comply with Japanese copyright laws (CHOSAKUKENHOU) of Articles 35 (copies in schools and other schools), 36 (copies for exams), 32 (citations), 38 (performances), nonprofit performance), 48 (source citation), verified by multiple people, when using print and digital media copying during lessons.

Reference sites

2. Handling of our school's intellectual property (literary works)

When purchasing or using classes at Shinjuku Japanese Language School, or the developed teaching methods, textbooks, teaching materials (including digital teaching), please refer to and abide by the Shinjuku Japanese Language School Regulations on Handling Intellectual Property Rights.

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