JLPT Preparation Course in Tokyo

You would like to take the JLPT? You are looking for a course that will allow you to improve your level for the JLPT? You would like to practice Japanese in order to maximise your chances of to reach your desired level? SNG is here to help you meet your goals with its JLPT preparation course.

JLPT Preparation Course in Tokyo

What’s JLPT?

日本語能力試験, standing for Nihongo nōryoku shiken, is known by foreigners through its English acronym, JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). The JLPT is an official ability test that aims to certifying one’s Japanese level. It’s a multiple-choice exam that assesses knowledge in the following areas: vocabulary, kanji, grammar and listening. When it was first launched in 1984, it consisted of four levels. In 2010, in order to bridge the gap between N2 and N3, a new level was added between these two. It became the current N3. Therefore, the present test structure consists of five levels, starting from N5 (the lowest level) to N1 (the highest level). In Japan and in China, exams are set up every six months, in July and December of each year. In most of the other countries that hold the JLPT, one exam per year is held in December. Over time, the JLPT became an examination recognised by the whole Japanese society. Nowadays it is prevalent for candidates to have obtained proof of a certain JLPT level in order to be admitted to an university or to a company in Japan.

Get ready for the JLPT with the Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute

Join SNG to follow its JLPT preparation course. A course specifically designed to learn Japanese language points and elements required for the test. Classes take place every Saturday in our school in Takadanobaba, in the Shinjuku district. Choose the term(s) that suit(s) you the best among our three options: April, July or October. On the one hand, some terms allow you to get a grip on all the elements required for the JLPT such as grammar, kanji, vocabulary and listening; while on the other hand, other terms focus on specific elements. Thus, the syllabus of the term in July focuses on writing comprehension, while the term in October concentrates on vocabulary and grammar. Our JLPT preparation courses will allow you to prepare for the three highest levels of the exam: N1, N2 and N3.

JLPT Preparation Courses (N1, N2, N3)

Course Overview
Three times a year
10 sessions per course
1. Spring (Apr. to June) Saturdays 10:00〜13:00
2. Summer (July to Sept.) Saturdays 10:00〜13:00
3. Fall (Oct.to Dec.) Saturdays 10:00〜13:00
N1 Preparation course
N2 Preparation course (grammar)
N2 Preparation course (characters, grammar, vocabulary, listening)
N3 Preparation course (characters, grammar, vocabulary, listening)
Summer term focused on reading section.
Fall term focused on vocabulary and grammar sections
SNG current students/graduates
10 sessions per course
¥ 10,000 (Tuition fee)+ Textbook fee
N3 Preparation course
Summer term focused on reading section.
Fall term focused on vocabulary and grammar sections
Other students
10 sessions per course
¥ 25,000 (Tuition fee)+ Textbook fee
Textbook fees vary depending upon the course.
Pass JLPT N1, N2 or N3
Course Details
In preparation for the JLPT:
Use basic texts in order to learn for the Language Knowledge Section (kanji, vocabulary, grammar)
Familiarize yourself with the new exam and increase your practical skills.
Practice with the mock exam, and get a review from the teacher, who will explain the questions and answers.

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