Designated School Recommendation

Shinjuku Japanese Language School actively supports the students who desire to enter a Japanese University or to find a job in Japan. Especially, there is a system of designated Japanese school recommendation due to which students can receive a letter of recommendation to the University or Vocational school/College which are in the list below. For those applicants who receive a letter of recommendation the burden of the examination becomes considerably lighter.

Designated School Recommendation

Recommendation letters

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute provides general or school-targeted letters of recommendation for excellent students, provided they meet the following requirements.

Letter of Recommendation :BasicSchool-targeted
Total Attendance Rate90% or above90% or above
Current/Final Term Attendance Rate90% or above90% or above
Course levelIntermediate I or higherAdvanced I or higher
Enrollment period6 months or longer6 months or longer

It takes one week to issue a letter of recommendation. It also takes one week to issue Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute transcripts and attendance records (cost: ¥ 500 ~ ¥ 2,000 per page).

Partner universities and vocational schools

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute actively supports students who wish to enter a Japanese University or vocational school.

In Japan, there is a system of designated Japanese school recommendation, in which Universities and Vocational colleges have partnerships with preparatory schools that allow students from these schools to benefit from particular entrance requirements.

SNG students can apply for a designated school recommendation letter if interested in one of the SNG partner universities or vocational schools listed below. To be eligible, students should have a high rate of attendance (at least over 90%) and excellent grades. SNG deeply encourages his students to work hard through their program to see their chances to be admitted increase. As graduates are active at their respective schools, nominated schools are increasing.

List of designated recommendation universities and vocational schools (July 2023 present)

University / Graduate schoolDepartment
Hosei University Faculty of Economics
Faculty of International Culture
Faculty of Design Engineering
Toyo University Faculty of Life Sciences
Faculty of Food and Environmental Sciences
Kwansei Gakuin University International Department
Tokyo University Of Agriculture Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Applied Biological Sciences
Department of Life Sciences
Department of Regional Environmental Sciences
Department of International Food and Agricultural Sciences
Department of Biotechnology
Tokyo Keizai University Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Communication
SANNO Institute of Management Faculty of Business Administration
Otsuma Women's University Department of Social Informatics
Junior College Division
Seisen University Department of literature
Meikai University Faculty of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Real Estate
Tokyo University of Information Sciences Faculty of Integrated Information Studies
Ryutsu Keizai University Faculty of Distribution Information
Faculty of Sociology
Faculty of Law
Shumei University Faculty of English Information Management
Faculty of Integrated Business Administration
Faculty of Tourism Business
Bunri University of Hospitality Faculty of Service Management
Yokohama College of Commerce Faculty of Commerce
Institute of Technologists Faculty of Skills and Crafts
Digital Hollywood University Faculty of Digital Communication
Bunka Gakuen University Faculty of Fashion
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of International Culture
Osaka Sangyo University Faculty of Economics
Japan University of Economics Faculty of Business Administration
Tokyo Polytechnic University Faculty of Engineering
Kyoto Notre Dame University Faculty of International Language and Culture
Faculty of Contemporary Human Studies
Yamanashi Gakuin University Faculty of Law
Faculty of Business Administration
Ferris University Faculty of International Exchange
Tokyo Fukushi University Faculty of Social Welfare
Faculty of Childcare and Education
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Education
Shibaura Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering
Faculty of Design Engineering
Faculty of Architecture
Nagoya Sangyo University Faculty of Modern Business
Kyorin University Faculty of Foreign Languages
Faculty of Public Policy
Shoin University Faculty of Business and Culture
Faculty of Communication and Culture
Faculty of Tourism and Media Culture
Tsukuba Gakuin University Faculty of Management Information
Osaka Jogakuin University Faculty of International and English Studies
Nagoya Management Junior College Future Career Department
Child Studies Department
Health and Welfare Department
Koran Women's Junior College Fashion Department
Life Planning Department
Yamano College of Aesthetics Beauty Department
Osaka Jogakuin Junior College English Department
Vocational Schools / Colleges
Toho Gakuen Media Training College
Toho Gakuen Film Techniques Training College
Toho Gakuen Sound Technology College
Tokyo Announce Gakuin Performing Arts College
Nihon Kogakuin College (Kamata Campus)
Nihon Kogakuin College (Hachioji Campus)
Japan Electronics College
HAL Tokyo College of Technology & Design
Mode Gakuen
Tokyo Design Academy
Nippon Design Welfare College
Aoyama Technical College
ICS College of Arts
Machida Design College
Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry
CYCLE Tokyo College Cycle Design
Tokyo Sushi Washoku College
Tokyo Communication Arts College (design department)
Tokyo Communication Arts College (animal department)
Tokyo Film Center School of Arts
Tokyo School of Anime
Tokyo Design Technology Center
Tokyo Animation College
Nippon Designers School
Nippon Photography Institute
Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio
Tokyo College of Culinary and Confectionery Art
The Japan Hotel School
Hospitality tourism technical school
Tokyo Bridal College
JTB Travel & Hotel College
SUNDAI Computer & Business College
Hollywood University of Beauty & Fashion
Yamano Beauty College
Tokyo Belle Epoque Beauty College
Tokyo Automobile University School
Tokyo Technical College
Tokyo Professional College of Automobile Technology (Nakano school)
Tokyo Professional College of Automobile Technology (Setagaya school)
Tokyo Professional College of Automobile Technology (Shinagawa school)
Yomiuri College of Tokyo Science and technology medical welfare
Yomiuri College of Car Mechanic
Shurin College of Foreign Language

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