Private Japanese Lessons

Private Japanese Lessons allow students to improve Japanese at their own pace in a relaxed environment. Students and their teachers do not have to meet at the Japanese language school campus, either, which gives the student some flexibility in case they do not have enough time to commute. SNG wants its students to succeed, and so some special accommodations like this may be met.

Private Japanese Lessons

A course for students to select their own lesson times

Besides in-class lessons, Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute also has individualized lessons by the hour. These lessons are intended for students whose personal schedules do not match day or night class times, or for those who prefer learning one-on-one.

We pride ourselves on having highly qualified instructors who can provide you with the best language experience for your private lessons.

Please note that it is not possible for students attending private lessons to obtain a student visa.

Course Details

Lessons are tailored according to individual needs, such as kanji, conversation, business Japanese and listening comprehension practice, from beginner to advanced level.
Classes can be held online or on campus. Please inquire to have classes in other places, such as workplace (please note that we do not provide classes in private homes)
We tailor our classes to a variety of customers, from businessmen to housewives, students, and children. Please inquire if you need private classes for a group.
The study term is flexible and can be planned according to your needs. We ask to pay for the first 10 classes to start.
Classes are held between 9am and 9pm Japan time.

Private Japanese Lesson Prices (new prices from August 2023)

Number of person1 person1 person
Registration fee¥ 15,000 (one-time payment)¥ 15,000 (one-time payment)
Tuition fee / hour
BEFORE 6pm (18:00) JST
¥ 7,700¥ 8,800
Tuition fee / hour
AFTER 6pm (18:00) JST
¥ 8,800¥ 9,900

Prices do not include fees for textbooks

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