Campus life

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute offers their students many opportunities to participate in a variety of extracurriculars outside of school. This is a great way for students in different classes to interact and get first-hand experience of Japanese culture.

Extra-curricular Activities

Students can take part in a number of activities--like making traditional matcha (green tea) at Japanese tea ceremonies and hanging up their wishes on bamboo branches for the tanabata festival in July. They can also attend events that SNG organizes, which range from bussing students out to Mount Fuji for some hiking to cheering on FC Tokyo at a soccer game to having a blast dancing at the obon festival.

Housing in Tokyo

Once you have decided on coming to our Japanese language school, you are probably next going to focus on finding student housing in Tokyo. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute has arranged several partnerships with accomodation providers in order to offer international students various housing options near the Shinjuku district and Takadanobaba neighborhood, where our school buildings are located.

Around our School

Takadanobaba is an excellent location in Shinjuku, situated near several main train lines such as the Yamanote Line, Seibu Shinjuku Line, and Metro Tozai Line. Students of Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute can purchase commuter passes at a student discount. Takadanobaba, including the surrounding areas, is home to many universities and vocational schools, such as Waseda University. Being one of the leading student districts in the country, restaurants are generally inexpensive, and it is also known as a competitive area for ramen.

Student Affairs Office

Our student affairs office offers various supports in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.). To ensure a comfortable study abroad experience, we provide assistance with opening bank accounts, hospital visits when necessary, and advice regarding accommodation. If you have any concerns about your life here, please feel free to contact us.

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