Students' experience

To keep the atmosphere fun while still learning about Japanese culture, Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute offers many opportunities for students to travel around Japan, meet other students, and try new things! Throughout the year, SNG has various events and trips that students can participate in, like a Tokyo sightseeing tour, hiking, Mt. Fuji bus tour, and a tour to Tokyo Disneyland. Here are some testimonies from our very own SNG Japanese school students.

Students' experience

Skiing was the best!

Ming Zhe Yang (China)

I had a great time on the 4-day, 3-night ski trip. Thinking about it now, I can only remember all the great things, like visiting the hot springs. As we drove up the mountain on the first night, I could see the town lights blinking like fireflies from the windows of the bus. The scenery was so beautiful that it gave me courage to ski down the highest point of the mountain--even though it was my first time skiing! I’ll never forget that memory for as long as I live.

Although I was a beginner, I improved quickly. Of course, the instructors and sempai were really good. I skied on challenging slopes without fear. On top of that, I got to stay with my friends from school, go in the hot springs, and eat together, so it was really fun!

Summer Camp Memories

CHONG AI LAM(Malaysia)

We went to the Izu campground for three days and two nights. It’d been a long time since I’d been camping. It made me remember all of the times I went camping as a little girl. I made a lot of friends from different countries on the trip, and we only spoke Japanese with each other!

We had to prepare our meals together during the stay. At first, everyone thought this was going to be a pain in the neck, but once we got started, everyone began helping each other, and it was fun talking to everyone as we cooked. Doing things like that made me forget how tired I was. Thanks to everyone, we had great meals--pancakes in the morning, soumen noodles for lunch, and barbeque for dinner. It was so delicious!

On top of that, we did a bunch of different activities, like playing volleyball, going to the river, taking a bath in the hot springs, and playing games. Through all these activities, we really got to know each other. Time flies when you’re having fun. This was a fun event and a great experience, and I’m glad I participated. I definitely want to go on the next camping trip.

First Time to Mr. Fuji

King Man Chan (Hong Kong)

When it comes to Japanese icons, Mt. Fuji is probably the most famous. When I watched TV programs about Japan back at home, they always showed Mt. Fuji. I think it’s a beautiful mountain. Mt. Fuji is especially pretty when it’s covered in snow. I have always wanted to climb Mt. Fuji, so as soon as I saw the poster for the Mt. Fuji bus tour, I immediately signed up.

On the first day of the tour, the weather was great. Everyone took a sightseeing bus to Mt. Fuji. On the way, the teachers played games with us, we took pictures of the scenery, and before we knew it, we were there. This tour didn’t go to the top--just to the 5th station--but the view from the 5th station was really pretty. It felt great to stand under the bright blue sky and breathe in the fresh air. Being surrounded by all that greenery made my stress disappear entirely for the first time since I’d come to Japan. Seeing the vast expanse stretching out before me, I felt so small.

After that, we left Mt. Fuji and went to Kofu. “Houtou” is the famous regional food. I was really happy that we were able to try it there. Once we ate the delicious houtou, we moved on to the next stop: Shousenkyou. There are lots of peculiarly-shaped boulders there. Not only that, but the area is full of trees and waterfalls and nature that you don’t see every day. The interesting thing is that there are coins embedded in the rock wall. These are probably prayer offerings that people have left to the gods.

After that was the part of the trip we’d all been looking forward to: all-you-can-eat grapes! While chatting with friends, we cut grapes straight from the vines and ate them. But isn’t that problematic for the owners--us eating so much like that? We ate a surprising amount.

Even though we couldn’t go to the top of Mt. Fuji, this tour was a lot of fun. By participating, I really came to understand the beauty of Mt. Fuji. If I go to Mt. Fuji again, I definitely want to climb to the top.