Higher Education Support

In addition to our higher education advanced course program, Shinjuku Japanese Language School provides a large amount of support for every student to succeed in pursuing higher education in Japan. Do not hesitate to enquire early to discuss the path and possible calendar, including when to take the JLPT or EJU test if required.

Higher Education Support

Guidance counseling

At our Japanese language school, exceptional guidance counseling is offered to support all students--whether they are interested in continuing on to higher education or looking to obtain employment.

You will be provided with information such as:

  • School brochures and details about international student exams
  • Entrance exam requirements, schedules, course contents, application information, tuition details,campus location, etc.
  • The EJU subjects and scores required by different schools
  • JLPT levels and scores, TOEFL scores, etc. required by different schools

We can help you with questions like these!

  • With my abilities, what kind of school should I go to? Graduate school or technical school?
  • Do you have any recommendations for technical schools or universities in Japan? How much is the tuition? Are scholarships available?
  • Can you help me practice for entrance exams and interviews?

Mon. to Fri.: 10:00 ~ 17:00 (closed Sat./Sun.) Reservation required.


Counselors are available for 30-minutes consultations and students may meet with counselors as many times as necessary. Please arrive at your appointment on time in the counseling room.


In addition to daily counseling sessions, higher education-related events are held at least once a month. We invite you to participate in the following events, especially those held April through September.

In-school information session for students who plan to go on to higher education the following year July JLPT registration.
University student advisory meeting (with SNG graduates)
Second EJU practice test (off campus), First EJU practice test (off campus)
University and graduate school combination information session (off campus) JLTP exam EJU registration
December JLPT registration
In-school information session. We invite university officials to come and speak.<br> Private university and technical school entrance exam period begins.
Second EJU practice test (off campus)
Second EJU exam
JLPT exam
Public university entrance exam period begins
Registration for next year’s first EJU exam
Graduation ceremony

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