Kanji Course

The Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute prides itself in learning and developing easier and more efficient ways to write, read, and remember Japanese Kanji. Our specialized Kanji classes are expertly designed to break down the complexities of Kanji, making them accessible and enjoyable for learners at various levels. Embrace the rich tapestry of Kanji and unlock a deeper understanding of the Japanese language right here in Tokyo, Japan.

Kanji Course

It is said that kanji is the tallest wall that many Japanese learners face.

But, by learning only 111 Japanese kanji characters you should be able to read and write most of them. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute's kanji classes are for students without strong backgrounds in kanji and aimed at providing a fun environment to learn.

These classes are aimed at students whose level is above beginner II and will focus on kanji corresponding to the JLPT N3.

Students who already have a background in kanji can also join the classes.

Daily Kanji Classes

Study common kanji characters seen in everyday life.

Day and Time
Every Monday and Friday 13:30 〜 15:10
※14 classes per term
SNG Building No. 1
Beginner II or above

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