Business Japanese Course

Intensive advanced course focusing on Japanese business communication.

Business Japanese Course

Since Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute began offering business Japanese 20 years ago, it has become a popular course selection for advanced level students. In order to take this class, students must have a Japanese language ability equivalent to the JLPT N2. The course utilizes “New Businessman Story,” an original textbook created by SNG instructors. Through 50 different business situation role-plays, all using keigo (polite speech), students will learn Japanese business language, manners, and writing styles. Students will study using a variety of sources concerning business and economics. Every term, students participate in a “new product design meeting” team project, where groups compete to create the best new design.


  • Communicate in Japanese appropriate for business situations.

  • Read and understand the Nikkei Newspaper.

  • Read essential personal information, such as your address.

  • Speak at meetings and give presentations in Japanese.

Every term (for 3 months)
Advanced (must have passed or placed higher than Intermediate II)
“Shin Businessman Monogatari” (New Businessman Story) “Business Japanese Kanji” and other material (newpapers, journals, etc.)
Field trip
Once per term (eg. Japan Bank in Tokyo, Daiwa House, Stock Exchange, etc.)

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