Useful information

After arriving in Japan, there are many things that need to be done before officially enrolling at Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute. To assist you in the registration processes and lessen your stress, SNG has prepared the following links and information for your convenience.

Useful information

Foreign Resident Registration and National Health Insurance

All student visa holders must register as foreign residents and enroll in the National Health Insurance plan immediately following their arrival in Japan. The foreign resident registration and insurance cards can be obtained at your local ward office or city hall, known respectively as a "ku-yaku-sho" or "shi-yaku-sho,". Please contact your local ward office for more information. Student ID's will not be granted until the above has been confirmed. Students on a short-term visa are not entitled to register for the National Health Insurance plan. Instead, we recommend that students enroll in an insurance plan for illness and accidents before coming to Japan (i.e. travel insurance). Please note that failure of non-citizens to present their residence card or passport upon request can lead to arrest and deportation.

Kanto Area Governments

Around our School

Takadanobaba is an excellent location in Shinjuku, situated near several main train lines such as the Yamanote Line, Seibu Shinjuku Line, and Metro Tozai Line. Students of Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute can purchase commuter passes at a student discount. Takadanobaba, including the surrounding areas, is home to many universities and vocational schools, such as Waseda University. Being one of the leading student districts in the country, restaurants are generally inexpensive, and it is also known as a competitive area for ramen.


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