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On this page, you will find links to several organizations based both in Japan and overseas who will provide you with useful information.

External Links

Rennes, France

Bretagne Japon

Bretagne-Japon is an association created in 1998 to encourage mutual understanding between Japan and Bretagne. For 25 years, the association has worked to bring together Bretons sharing the passion for Japanese culture and organise exchanges with Japanese people. To this very purpose, Bretagne-Japon organizes meetings, field trips and evenings. Japanese cultural activities and Japanese language courses organized by them can suit the needs of members of every age.


Melbourne, Australia

Japanese Tutor Melbourne PTY LTD

Our Japanese Language school is located in Melbourne, Australia. We provide Japanese courses for students in Melbourne. Our teachers are all native speakers of Japanese and all classes are conducted in Japanese with English aid.


Aigues-Mortes, France

À propos du Japon

"A propos du Japon" is an association which aims to support cultural and artistic exchanges between France and Japan. It will be part of the festival "Japonismes", organized in Paris, by coordinating numerous events in the surroundings of Montpellier. Other activities of the organization include: - Organizing festivals regarding Japanese culture all around France - Cultural workshops in France and in Europe - Japanese language classes, Origami, Ikebana, Japanese Calligraphy and Japanese cooking classes - Cultural tours in Japan twice a year (Spring and Fall) - Conferences - Cultural displays - Exhibitions "A propos du Japon" will assist all of those who want to find out more about the land of the raising sun.


Paris, France

Espace Emploi Franco-Japonais (EEFJ)

Espace Emploi Franco-Japonais (aka EEFJ) is a voluntary association which aims to help French job seekers to find jobs in Japan and Japanese job seekers to find employment in France. We organize resume proofreading workshops, cover letter writing workshops and interview training. We also encourage meetings and exchanges between members and economic agents of the French-Japanese professional community. Moreover, we centralize job-seeking offers and make a list of potential employers in France and in Japan in order to facilitate the job hunting process.


Paris, France

Walking Art

Walking Art is an association which aims to promote fine arts, live shows and crafts. The main objective of the association is to "find the art when it is still new and help it move forward, making it accessible to everyone". To achieve this, Walking Art selects artists and organizes events to showcase their work. Walking Art hosts a lot of events about Japanese culture: Art contests, exhibitions, workshops, and auctions. Walking Art also develops charity projects such as supporting ocean protection or providing support after disasters such as Fukushima in 2011.


Paris, France


Talachiné association organizes workshops, courses and events that promote international exchanges, especially between France and Japan, through the experience of traditional Japanese arts, Japanese cuisine, and traditional handcraft techniques taking into account the importance of passing them on to the next generation while respecting the environment. "Interconnecting: We are all linked to each other" is Talachiné's motto, as its activities are meant to reflect on the relationship building process that allows us to open to new perspectives in a human, social, environmental and international dimensions.


Aix en Provence, France

Association Culturelle Franco-Japonaise d'Aix en Provence

The "Association Culturelle Franco Japonaise d'Aix en Provence" welcomes French and Japanese residents of Aix en Provence since 1989. It aims to encourage cultural exchanges between Japan and the Provence region through seminars, workshops, meetings, trips and other events. Being a very dynamic association, they also offer Japanese classes and organize meetings between the academic world and the business world. The "Association Culturelle Franco Japonaise d'Aix en Provence" is very happy to welcome Japanese people as well as French people who love Japan!


Paris, France

Destination Japon

Destination Japon is a traditional travel agency dedicated to Japan trips since 2004. We offer plane tickets, JR Pass, accommodation in traditional inns, and other services related to a good stay in Japan. We support our customers through every step of the process and we are open to every trip request. Don't hesitate to come to us if you are planning to go to the Land of the Rising Sun!