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  • Work in Japan with a student visa

    To work with a student visa you have to: Go to the immigration website and download the request for exemption document Fill out the document They will ask you for your passport and your foreign resident card Return the file to the Immigration Office Once obtained, you will be allowed to work a maximum of […]

  • How to prepare for a job interview in Japan?

    For a foreigner, a job interview in Japanese is not only a proficiency assessment, but also a test for their capacity to adapt to a Japanese company’s environment. If you are one of them, you must arrive at least 5 minutes early. You must wear appropriate clothes. For the interview, don’t interrupt your interviewer(s), don’t […]

  • How to write a resume to work in Japan?

    With an unemployment rate below 3%, Japan is nearing full-employment. There’s no field that is not lacking manpower and companies are now turning to foreign workers to bridge the gap between offer and demand. In only a few years, Japan became a real opportunity for those striving to launch an international career. However, each country […]

  • Baito and part-time job: how to find work in Japan

    Part-time jobs in Japan are truly abundant. However, they usually require a solid knowledge of Japanese. If your Japanese is still weak, English can make the difference. International restaurants and language schools are usually looking for staff capable of speaking English as well as other languages. There are also several websites posting job offers targeting […]

  • Work & study in Japan on a Working Holiday Visa

    If you want to study and work in Japan with a WHV: – You are allowed to work in Japan with a WHV – Income from this activity should only be complementary – WHV holders are not allowed to take part in some specific professional activities (See list) – Violating these rules will lead to […]

  • How to obtain a Working Holiday Visa for Japan

    In order to obtain a Working Holiday Visa for Japan, you have to consider the following: Rules apply to all applicants You cannot be accompanied by a dependent (spouse or children) You have to possess a valid passport You have to possess a return/onward travel ticket or sufficient funds in order to purchase such a […]