Mikoshi Parade in Takadanobaba’s streets

On September 3rd, a group of students from SNG took part in the traditional Mikoshi parade in Takadanobaba.

What’s a Mikoshi ?

Mikoshi (神輿) literally means “Divin Palanquin”. It is often seen as a building standing on wooden pillars. During Shinto processions, people carry the palanquin around the area in the belief that the Kami (god) who is staying inside, will bless the place.

etudier le japonais au Japon

To be part of this kind of manifestation is a real chance to immerse oneself in Japanese culture and also a one of a kind experience since it is usually hard, as a foreigner who just moved in, to understand and be part of the local associative life.

You want to live in Japan and experience these cultural events that make the daily life of a Japanese neighborhood? Come to study at SNG!

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