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  • Summer Course in Japan 2020. Get 10% off

    Registration for SNG Summer Course is open and to celebrate the beginning of the 2020 season, SNG gives you an exceptional early bird discount of 10% on any application for the Summer Course submitted before March 31st, 2020. Take advantage of this offer immediately and visit the SNG Summer Course website! An unforgettable language stay […]

  • How to obtain a student visa for Japan?

    Do you feel ready to embark on your Japanese language journey? Have you already found your Japanese language school in Japan or your university? That is great! However, do not forget to apply for your Student Visa. This document is essential, if you’d like to stay longer in the land of the rising sun than […]

  • How to get a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) for Japan?

    A Certificate of Eligibility (CoE): – Is a necessary document to apply for a student visa – The length of time to obtain it, is about 3 months – The request can be submitted by a proxy in Japan – Only an authorized school can apply for a CoE Our school, SNG, is accredited and […]

  • The incoming student orientation day in Okutama, Japan !

    On November 3rd, SNG organized its traditional BBG and hiking day in Okutama. Around 100 of our students enjoyed the warm and sunny day. Hiking, sunbathing and BBQ 84 of our students in Japanese Language went to our Okutama’s event. Quite a big day for our school and many professors along with staff members came […]

  • Yabusame, a mounted archery event in Takadanobaba

    On Monday October 9th, SNG students were invited to attend a Yabusame event at Toyama Park. What’s Yabusame ? Yabusame is the name of a traditional Japanese sport rather unknown, including in Japan. It is a mounted archery technique used since the end of the XII Century during the Kamakura area. With the use of […]

  • Yukata Day at SNG

    On July 21st, SNG organized its very first Yukata Day. An unforgettable and eventful day which ended two weeks of related activities. Regular students, as well as staff members and summer course students, were able to enjoy it together. Yukata sales Yukata literally means “bath clothe”. It is a light kimono that Japaneses like to […]

  • Students danced at Awa Odori in Shimokitazawa

    On August 18th, some SNG students got the opportunity to take part in one of the major summer event in Tokyo : Shimokitazawa Awaodori Festival. What’s Awa Odori ? Awa Odori literally means : “Awa dance”. The Awa Odori exists since the XVI Century and it used to be celebrated in Tokushima. It is also […]

  • Mikoshi Parade in Takadanobaba’s streets

    On September 3rd, a group of students from SNG took part in the traditional Mikoshi parade in Takadanobaba. What’s a Mikoshi ? Mikoshi (神輿) literally means “Divin Palanquin”. It is often seen as a building standing on wooden pillars. During Shinto processions, people carry the palanquin around the area in the belief that the Kami […]