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  • Let’s have a fun with students from Waseda university!

    WIC(Wasada International club) has fun activities for learning Japanese culture with Japanese students from Waseda university. Date: Tuesday Meeting time: 16:30 or 18:15 Time: 16:45 to 19:00 Location: Okuma Auditorium at Waseda university Theme for activities ・April 28th: Japanese traditional games ・May 12th: Gourmet “Japanese food” ・May 19th: Let’s play games ・May 26th: Music and […]

  • Now accepting applications for the JLPT preparatory course

    Our school offers preparatory courses for those who will be taking the JLPT this July. Details are as follows: Schedule:  Spring term April 18th (Sat) – June 13th (Sat) every Saturday: a total for 8 classes    Time: 10:00-13:00   Place: Building 1, Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute    Course fee(textbook fee included): N1 class(grammar focus) SNG […]

  • Participants wanted for Evening course and Sunday course 2015

    We’re currently looking for participants for Evening course and Sunday course You can start these courses anytime and we offer one free trial lesson. We are looking forward your participation.   Evening course Level: Intermediate (please contact for other levels) Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Tuition fee: inscription fee/15,000 […]

  • Short Course participant enrollment begins!

    Short Course participant enrollment begins! Spaces are now being filled for our Short Course coming this summer, 2015. Each year this program attracts students from around the world seeking to explore Japan, have unique experiences, while you enjoy LEARNING JAPANESE. If you have a drive to study Japanese and culture, or are an explorer at […]

  • Let’s make hina dolls!

    Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute will host an origami event for Hinamatsuri! Hinamatsuri is a festival when we display hina dolls and pray for young girls’ growth and happiness. Why not make hina dolls and celebrate Hinamatsuri? The details are as follows. Date: February 27 Time: 14:00-15:30 Place: Common room, Bld. 1 How to apply: apply at […]

  • Ski & Snowboard tour 2015

    Shinjuku Japanese Language School will host a ski & snowboard event in March. If you are interested, make sure to sign for it soon! Details are as follows. Date: March 22 – 24, 2015 Location: Kaneyama town, Fukushima Price: 29,000 JPY The above price includes the following: round trip fare, ski/snowboard lesson, accommodation, meals and travel insurance. […]

  • Multicultural Disaster Prevention Festa

    Shinjuku ward will host a multicultural disaster prevention festa as stated below. If you want to know how to learn disaster management, don’t miss this opportunity! Date: February 7, 2015 Time: 10 AM- 3PM. This event will be cancelled in case of rain. Place: Shinjuku Okubo Park (2-43 Kabukichou) Disaster prevention corner (earthquake simulation truck, hands-on fire-extinguishing […]

  • Event Report: Seven Lucky Gods Tour

    On January 17, four SNG staff members and twenty-three students participated in Seven Lucky Gods tour in Asakusa. The tour began at 9:30 in the morning in Takadanobaba, and all the participants headed to Taharamachi station. 学生23名と教員・事務担当者4名が参加し、浅草七福神巡りを実施しました。 うららかな冬晴れの中、朝9時半に高田馬場で集合し、東京メトロで出発点の田原町駅へ。 福禄寿を祀る矢先神社、寿老人を祀る鷲神社、弁財天を祀る吉原神社、福禄寿を祀る今戸神社、 毘沙門天を祀る待乳山聖天を回り、最後に恵比寿を祀る浅草神社をお参りしました。 途中、手水舎での身の清め方、各神社の成り立ち、七福神の意味や起源など、学生たちは興味深げに色々な質問をしていました。 別のクラスの学生たちとも知り合いになるとても良い機会でした。皆さんにご利益がありますように!

  • 【For current students】 Information session on visa extension

    For those who wish to extend their student visa, please make sure to attend one of the following sessions. 【For those who will go onto higher education in April 2015】 Day: January 20 Time: 12:50 Location: Room 121, 1st Bld. 【For those who will continue studying at our school】 Day:  January 21 Time: 12:50 Location: […]

  • Seven Lucky Gods Tour

    The Shichi (seven) Fuku (luck) jin (beings) meguri (tour) is a short pilgrimage tour to visit temples and shrines of the Seven Lucky Gods. It is usually done during Oshougatsu, the beginning of the year and people wish for happiness and good fortune in the New Year. Date: January 17, 2015 Meeting time: 9:30AM Meeting place: in […]