Let’s have a fun with students from Waseda university

WIC(Wasada International club) has fun activities for learning Japanese culture with Japanese students from Waseda university.
If you are interested in Japanese culture and want to make Japanese friends, these events are for you!

<Theme for activities>
・June 2nd: a pressed flower
・June 9th: international student event
・June 16th: Comedy
・July 7th: Tanabata(七夕), Origami, watermelon splitting

Date: Tuesday
Meeting time: 16:20 or 18:10
Time: 16:45 to 19:30
Meeting place: Okuma Auditorium at Waseda university
Place: Someya kokusai kaikan

*Please contact to the address below directly to apply or more information.
TEl: 090-9241-5712
E-mail: nissec.wic2015@gmail.com
homepage: http://www.wic50.com/
Mr. Ms/Nakanishi