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You can learn Japanese quickly on weekends.

Dedicated to busy individuals who only have time on weekends. These Japanese classes are held on Saturdays and put emphasis on the "uchi/yoso" relationships (honorific language) starting from beginner levels, allowing students to give a good impression at work-related meetings and with colleagues at the workplace.

Dedicated to:

· Those who realise not to know how to study Japanese from zero soon after moving to Japan.
· Those who have never studied grammar properly in class despite living in Japan for many years.
· Those who wish to work for a Japanese company in the future.
· Those who want to improve communication with colleagues at work.

Course Details

Location Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute, Building No. 1
Term Duration 3 months (total of 11 lessons)
Hours 10 a.m. to 12:50 p.m.
※ Spring: April to June. Summer: July to September. Fall: October to December. Winter: January to March.
※ Please verify the following programme when joining the class.
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Saturday Elementary Class Gentle introduction to hiragana and katakana alphabets; Study of simple greetings, basic grammar and idiomatic expressions.
Dedicated to: those who do not have Japanese learning experience.
【Saturday Business Japanese class】 Study focused on expressions often used in business situations, honorific language, business mails, business card exchanges, and work-related etiquette through SNG original teaching materials.
Dedicated to: those who have language proficiency equivalent or superior to Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3
※ The class may not be available in case the minimum number of rapplicants is not met. We thank you for your understanding.


Registration Fee ¥ 15,000 (one-time payment)
Tuition Fee ¥ 45,000 (lump sum payment)
※ payable in two installments: ¥ 23,100 × 2 (second installment must be paid within the 6th lesson)
※ Those who wish to register after the course has already started will be required to contact our staff privately.
※ Learning Material is paid separately. The price will depend on the selected language level. Please purchase the necessary textbooks directly at the Institute.
※ The payment is done either by cash (directly at the school) or via bank transfer. Please contact the school for details.