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Learn Japanese on the weekend in Tokyo

    Saturday: 10:00 am ~ 12:50 pm
    Complete Beginner Class
    Japanese for everyday life
    Business Class (JLPT N3 and above)

Are you new to Japan and want to start learning Japanese? Have you been living in Tokyo for some time yet never had the chance to formally study Japanese in a classroom setting? Do you want to improve your Japanese skills and find work in Japan? SNG created its Saturday courses, organized in three levels, to address those needs.

A class to start learning Japanese

The “Introduction to Japanese” class gives a solid foundation of the Japanese language. You will learn the hiragana and katakana alphabets, as well as expressions, manners, greetings, and the basics of grammar. This course aims to help you feel comfortable in everyday Japanese conversation, while emphasizing the uchi/yoso interactions (polite language) that also enable you to handle simple conversation appropriate for the workplace. This course is specifically adapted for complete beginners.

Learn everyday Japanese

Learn words and expressions encountered in everyday scenarios via conversation. Learn how to implement useful words and phrases through mock scenarios, using locations like a supermarket, konbini and train stations. Also learn about differentiating between more formal speaking at work versus casual talk with friends. There will also be opportunitites to practice Japanese by having real conversation with Japanese people. Learn about the origins of kanji, how to count strokes and stroke order, as well as *how* to study kanji (all while studying around 50 essential kanji found in daily life).

A Business class to work in Japan

The business Japanese class is dedicated to students who have passed JLPT N3 or above. In this class, you will learn useful expressions for business-related interactions. The class is composed of two sections: In the first, you will learn keigo (honorific language), business-related vocabulary and how to write business emails. The second half is all about work etiquette in Japan. It covers topics such as business card etiquette, customer reception, and learning appropriate behaviours/mannerisms to communicate respectfully with your co-workers. The class is designed to help you succeed and grow within the Japanese workplace.

Saturday courses in Takadanobaba

SNG is one of the most recognized Japanese language schools in Tokyo. We have been teaching Japanese using our own method for more than 40 years from our school in Takadanobaba. Takadanobaba station is connected with 3 major train lines that offer easy access from many districts within Tokyo.


Saturday Elementary Class Gentle introduction to hiragana and katakana alphabets; Study of simple greetings, basic grammar and idiomatic expressions.
Dedicated to: those who do not have Japanese learning experience.
Saturday Survival Japanese Class Study of words and expressions necessary in everyday life.
Dedicated to: students with a Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 / N4 proficiency.
Saturday Business Japanese class Study focused on expressions often used in business situations, honorific language, business mails, business card exchanges, and work-related etiquette through SNG original teaching materials.
Dedicated to: those who have language proficiency equivalent or superior to Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3
※ The class may not be available in case the minimum number of applicants is not met. We thank you for your understanding.


Registration Fee ¥ 15,000 (one-time payment)
Tuition Fee ¥ 45,000 (lump sum payment)
※ Payable in two installments: ¥ 23,100 × 2 (second installment must be paid within the 6th lesson)
※ Those who wish to register after the course has already started will be required to contact our staff privately.
※ Learning Material is paid separately. The price will depend on the selected language level. Please purchase the necessary textbooks directly at the Institute.
※ The payment is done either by cash (directly at the school) or via bank transfer. Please contact the school for details.

Course Details

Location Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute, Building No. 1
Term Duration 3 months (total of 11 lessons)
Hours 10 a.m. to 12:50 p.m.
※ Spring: April to June. Summer: July to September. Fall: October to December. Winter: January to March.
※ Please verify the following programme when joining the class.

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