You’ve mastered the foundations of Japanese, and you want to gain a solid understanding of the language?
Thanks to our Intermediate online course, you can learn to read smoothly and pronounce with proper intonation. Understand the differences between written and spoken words, and use both in their correct contexts. Write coherently about personal experiences, viewpoints, or general thoughts, using a mixture of kanji and kana.
Our teachers are all native and certified.

Image Description Intermediate class

Intermediate Japanese class

Equivalent to JLPT N3
Course length: 30 hours

Class content

Verbs: volitional form
Verbs: passive form
Verbs: causative-passive
How to express aims
Expressing plans or intentions
Defining and describing
Conditional form
Potential and uncertainty
Formal language

Other levels



Pc, tablet or smartphone. If you use a computer, please install the last version of google chrome. Headphones are recommended.

Internet access

Please make sure you have access to a strong enough internet connection that will allow you to see/hear a video stream.

Japanese level

Please check the class content before applying to find the class that fits you best.

Google Meet

Download Google Meet for tablet or smartphone.

Gmail account

We recommend using gmail to connect to the class with desktop(not mandatory). You will need it for smatphone and tablet use.

Time lag

All hours are given in Japan time (UTC+9). Please check your local time

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