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Shinjuku Japanese Language Insitute (SNG), with over 48 years of experience in Japanese language education, assists you in learning Japanese, advancing to universities in Japan, or finding employment in Japan. We use our unique visual teaching style, 'The Ezoe Method' in the classroom, and provide students with additional Japanese study materials through through our VLJ App.


The significant difference between Shinjuku Japanese Language School and other schools lies primarily in the adoption of its unique teaching method, the 'Ezoe Method.' This innovative teaching method has been developed through years of research and has proven effective in helping students acquire language skills and express themselves. Furthermore, through blended learning with Visual Learning Japanese (co-developed with NTT Communications Corporation), students can continue their studies at home, enabling them to learn the basics of Japanese more quickly.

At Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute, we take pride in offering meticulous study methods and career counseling to those who wish to pursue higher education or seek employment in Japan. By providing these, we help students understand Japan better, assist with choices and interview practice for schools and employment, and offer appropriate advice.

Our school is designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) for preparatory education programs. For students who wish to advance to Japanese universities, junior colleges, or vocational schools but do not qualify for admission due to less than 12 years of school education in their home country, studying in our course (for one year or more) can grant them eligibility. Additionally, they can take classes in basic subjects (English, Mathematics, Social Studies/General Studies, Science) required for admission to Japanese universities, as well as classes preparing for the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students).

Additionally, our academic counseling office supports students who wish to pursue further studies in higher education. Each term, we also send a digital survey about the classes our students and ask them to fill it out. Based on the feedback from the survey results, the faculty and staff of Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute continue to work on improving the quality of our lessons.

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