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With over 40 years of experience in Japanese teaching, Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute (or SNG for Shinjuku Nihongo Gakko in Japanese) will help you speaking Japanese, enter a Japanese university, or work in Japan. We employ the Ezoe Teaching Method, an original and visual learning method, combined with the digital contents platform VLJ.

SNG main buildingSNG main building

Our original teaching method, the “Ezoe Method,” is the biggest and strongest differentiation between Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute and other schools. This innovative and creative teaching strategy took many years to develop but has proven effective in enabling students to acquire language skills and express themselves. Combined with our blended learning system “Visual Learning Japanese” (created in collaboration with NTT Communications), students can continue practicing at home, thus learning the Japanese language basics faster. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute also takes prides in its attentive academic and career counseling for those who want to go to a Japanese university or work in Japan. We provide this so students can explain what their goals are in Japan, and they will be given appropriate suggestions and advice on school choices, resume writing, and interview training.