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Student Visa Application Process

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When applying for a student visa, our school will take care of the procedures at the Immigration Bureau, on behalf of the applicant. The application will follow the process below.

STEP 1 Application screening

Fill out our long term application form. Please, carefully fill in the form once you have properly understood the content of all the items listed. As part of the screening, an online interview may be conducted. If some parts remain unclear, please contact us.

STEP 2 Notification of the screening process results by email

We will send you the necessary documents for the student visa application by email within 2 weeks. Please, note in advance that we will not send any notice to unsuccessful applicants. ※ In case some information is missing, we reserve the right to contact you later or refuse your application.

STEP 3 Preparation of the necessary documents, and sending them to the school

We will support you with the preparation of your visa application and check the necessary documents with you by email.

STEP 4 Submission of the documents for the student visa to the Immigration Bureau

After submitting your application to the Immigration Bureau, the Certificate of Eligibility for resident status will arrive to our school after 2~3 months. We will notify you of the result by email.

STEP 5 Payment of the school fees and insurance fees

You must pay the entrance, school and student insurance fees for 1 year in one lump. For more details about the fees, click here. Once you have paid the school fees, we will send you the schedule of the entrance orientation, your Certificate of Eligibility and your certificate of enrollment.

STEP 6 Acquisition of the student visa in a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country

Since visa procedures depend on each country’s Japanese Embassy or Consulate, the application documents may be different. Check beforehand with the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your region. Afterwards, decide where you are going to stay in Japan and buy your plane ticket.

STEP 7 Orientation

During orientation, our staff will give an explanation session about the necessary information and procedures when living in Japan. After that, a placement test will be conducted to divide students in classes according to their level and will be kindly asked to buy the textbooks equivalent to their class’ level.