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Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute paired with real estate agencies to offer international students some housing options that they can choose from, all around 30 minutes to 1 hour away from the SNG campus.

Although these student housing options were primarily for Japanese students, now international students may also use these reasonably-priced dorms. Students can interact with native Japanese students and can learn about Japanese student life from first-hand experience. Resident dorm heads will also be present in all dorms to ensure the safety of the residents.

Our Japanese language school provides various housing plans, with options including breakfast, single rooms, double rooms, and more, so please contact SNG's Tokyo or overseas office as soon as possible if you are considering dormitory housing.


Reasonably-priced dorms are located throughout the metropolitan area. The average commute time to SNG is one hour. The school will provide information about the many different dorms to interested students.


For student visa-holders ages 20 or over, renting an apartment is possible through real estate agents that have a no-guarantor system available. However, finding an apartment before coming to Japan is extremely difficult. (There is little availability around April, and since most students are not yet accustomed to using Japanese just after arriving in Japan, finding an apartment you like is still difficult.) We recommend reserving a dorm or weekly mansion for your first 3-6 months. For students under 20, finding an apartment will be difficult even if you hold a student visa (unless you already know people in Japan). We highly recommend reserving a place in dormitory housing before coming to Japan. Please consult with us.


Kyoritsu Maintenance Kyoritsu Maintenance: dorm plan with breakfast and dinner included.
Dorm head insures resident safety (male and female dorms available).
Kyoritsu Student Dormitory
Kyoritsu International Foundation
Kyoritsu Maintenance
Rikko Kaikan Rikko Kaikan: male and female dorms available.
Rikko Kaikan
Trust System Service Trust System Service: live with Japanese office workers and accustom yourself to high-level Japanese (male dorm).


Leopalace 21 LeoPalace 21: apartments No security deposit, no key money, no guarantor necessary.
Monthly Resi Stays Takadanobaba A monthly mansion within walking distance of SNG (about 15 minutes).
Homestay in Japan Homestay in Japan : learn more about the Japanese culture, customs and lifestyle through a homestay program.