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About accommodation in Tokyo

So you are coming to study at SNG and you are probably focusing on finding a student accommodation in Tokyo. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute arranged several partnerships with real estate agencies in order to offer international students various housing options near Shinjuku district and Takadanobaba neighborhood, where our school buildings are located. Apartments, dormitories, single rooms, twin rooms or share houses. Some of these options will allow you to practice the language by living with Japanese students. Others will allow you to share everyday life with a Japanese family. Many different possibilities to suit your needs and priorities. As the number of accommodations is limited, we suggest you to start searching well in advance to find an accommodation near the school. As the prices are decided by our partners, they are subject to change by their will without further notice.



Furnished rooms with desk, chair, bed (or futon), A/C, and refrigerator. LAN internet available in the living room. Shared services: kitchen (microwave oven, electric kettle etc), living room, TV, free washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Free Wifi available in the living room. Water, electricity and heating expenses are included. Share house with residents from over 100 countries. All rooms of BeGood Japan are private rooms with keys.

Room type Shared areas and private rooms
Shared space Available (washroom, shower, laundry, toilet, community lounge, kitchen)
Cost Starting from ¥76.000/month (more than 1 month)
Distance from SNG 20 minutes
Contract period Minimum Stay: One month.
Features International exchange at share house!
There are properties close to the school.
Living room with TV available.
Application condition You can apply anytime
Web site link

Takada Dormitory

Sharehouse managed by SNG, 2-person (type 1) or 3-person (type 2).

Room type A private room furnished with a study desk, bed frame, and an air conditioner. *You must prepare bed linens.
Shared space Kitchen set, dining table set, refrigerator, airconditioner, Shower, Toilet
Cost Monthly Rental fee: ¥ 60,000/month for type 1, ¥ 45,000/month for type 2 (electricity, gas, and water fees are not included)
Administrative expenses: ¥ 35,000
Deposit:¥ 60,000 (type 1), ¥ 45,000 (type 2), refundable after deducting cleaning and repairing the room after checkout
Fire insurance fee for a year: ¥ 10,000/year
Distance from SNG About an 18 minute walk
Contract period From 1 month
Features Nearby 24-hour supermarket, public bathhouse, fitness gym. School-operated dormitory.

Sakura House

More than 1200 accommodation offers in Tokyo; dormitories, share houses and apartments. Furnished rooms with table, chair, bed, A/C. LAN internet available in shared areas. Common areas: kitchen (fridge, microwave, kettle), living room, TV, washing mashine, vacuum cleaner. Free WiFi in the living room. All utilities are included in the rent price. The houses are shared with other international guests.

Room type 3 types of furnished accomodations: dormitories, share houses, and apartments
Shared space Kitchen, dining / living room, shower, toilet etc.
Cost Share house starting from ¥ 55,000/month (long term)
¥ 20,000 deposit
* In the case of a short stay, the cost will be different. The cost varies depending on the type of accommodation.
Distance from SNG 11-minutes walk
Contract period Starting from 1-night stays.
Features From single rooms up to 20-people rooms. Free Wi-Fi. Online payments and credit cards accepted. Multi-language support and cultural events available.
Application condition Register at any time
Available immediately

Neo House Tokyo

Neo House Tokyo is a house share project which aims to renovate empty houses into a livable, residential house that will be loved by many people. Residents can organize their own exhibitions, participate in workshops, or socialize with the locals. This share house will provide you the opportunity to have the authentic Tokyo experience by interacting with the locals and getting to know the city a lot deeper.

Room type Single or double A bed, a desk, a chair and a closet are equipped in all of the rooms.
Shared space living room, kitchen, shower room and toilet.
Cost from ¥75,000/month Management fee from ¥15,000/month (includes utility bill, It will slightly differ depending on the season) Deposit from ¥75,000/month
Distance from SNG 40 min by train
Contract period One month or more
Features A residential space exceeding borders between shared house residencies and locals. A space where barriers between living rooms, kitchens, entrances, ateliers, and even those between nationality, culture, and gender are nonexistant. We envision a neo-style borderless shared house project.
Application condition Interview before application
Web site link

UR Mejiro

UR Mejiro is located 15 minutes away from the school. The rooms and common rooms were recently renovated, and are in perfect conditions. Moreover, there are a lot of Japanese residents as well, and culture exchange parties are organized regularly. No guarantor required, rooms are furnished, and water as well as internet are included in the rent.

Room type Every room is furnished with AC, a desk, a chair, a bed, a fridge, and a sink.
Shared space Shared: bathroom, shower, laundry, toilets, community lounge
Cost ¥62,300/month (long term・rentals have to be for more than 3 months)
※ Electricity and gas expenses are not included
※ ¥27,500 for cleaning fees upon departure
※ Insurance (individual contract) 50% of rent *renewal ¥10,000/year
Distance from SNG 15 minutes (next station after Takadanobaba)
Contract period From 3 months (under 3 months, cancellation and breach of contract fees apply)
Features Next to school and affordable rent.
4-minute walk from Mejiro station and conveniently located. There are convenient stores, departments stores, and hospitals nearby.


Homestay in Japan

There are about 3,400 host families in Japan (as of August 2017). Those who want to get to know the culture and customs of Japan and see the everyday life of Japanese families can put our Japanese Language lessons into practice! We carefully matches guests and hosts, assuring a perfectly fitting family.

Room type Single room at a Japanese family's house
Shared space Toilet, kitchen, shower, lockers etc.
Cost Arrangement fee ¥ 22,000
Room charge: ¥5,390 per day (2 meals included)
*Additional support fee will apply to students under 15 years old.
¥ 15,000 +Tax will be charged for stay up to 28 days. If the stay exceed 28 days, then ¥ 3,500+tax will be charged every 7 days.
Distance from SNG Up to one hour away from the Institute.
During the busy summer season it might take up to 1 hour and a half.
Contract period Starting from 1-night stays.
Features 1-night stays accepted, 2 meals included
Application condition The family matching researches will be initiated after the payment of the Arrangement Fee.


The Breathing Hotel Tokyo

The Breathing Hotel Tokyo is located 15 minutes on foot from the institute. Furniture, bed, A/C, WiFi, dishes, fridge, electric hob, television, and rice cooker will be provided - no need for furniture/appliances shopping. Single and twin rooms available; Institute at walking distance.

Room type Furnished apartments (minimum 1-month contract) Services: A/C, desk, chair, bed, fridge, TV, mini kitchen, microwave oven, bath and toilet unit.
Shared space No
Cost ¥ 120,000/month (varies depending on moving date)
※ water and electricity fees included
※ Free high-speed internet connection (Wi-Fi)
※ 24H support
※ ※ No reservations guaranteed during high season (April and Summer)
Distance from SNG 15 minutes on foot
Contract period One-month stays minimum
Features Single, twin, and triple rooms available
Free WiFi.
Application condition Applications accepted throughout the year.※ ※


Kyoritsu International Foundation

Single rooms with shared facilities. In-room services: Bed (must apply separately for futon), A/C, desk. Shared services: Toilets, shower booths, washing machine.

Room type Single room. Breakfast and dinner provided on weekdays
In-room services: A/C, desk,
Bed (in case of long-term contract be prepared to buy or rent futon indipendently), cabinet
※ On Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays: Meals might not be provided. The dormitory staff will notify the tenants.
Shared space Public bath, shower booths,
Dining room (simple shared kitchen where to prepare simple dishes such as make cup noodles)
Washing machine etc.
Cost First month total price: ¥ 134,050 (Entry fee ※ ※ electricity fee, renovation fee, maintenance fee)
Regular price: Starting from ¥ 61,050/month (long term contract over 91 days)
※Short term contract (less than 90 days) for ¥ 77,000/month including occupancy cost and internetl
*** Some dormitories have a curfew.
Distance from SNG 40 minutes - 1 hour (train + walk)
※ Sagami Ono Student Hall (Single room with bathroom) takes about one and a half hours including walking.
Contract period Minimum Stay: One month.
Features Dormitory offers breakfast and dinner. A dormitory manager is responsible for security.
Application condition Possibility to request an accomodation starting from 3 months in advance up to 3 weeks in advance. Study Encouragement Dormitory - limited to the institute's foreign students.

Nihonrikkokai Dormitory

Dormitory for international students (single rooms with shared facilities). In-room services: Bed (must apply separately for futon), A/C, desk. Shared services: Toilets, shower booths, washing machine.

Room type Single rooms
In-room services: A/C, table, chair, bed, wardrobe, telephone, Free Wi-Fi, curtain
Shared space Dining room, shared fridge, study room, common room, Japanese-English newspaper, TV
Cooking space (gas ¥ 10/30 min, electricity ¥ 10/45 min. coin type)
--Free cooking space in plan!--
Toilets, shower booths (coin activated hot water, ¥ 10/10 min)
Washing machine ¥ 150; Dryer ¥ 100/30 min
Cost Starting from ¥ 55,500/month
Heating and phone bills are paid separately. Admission fee for 1 year: ¥ 46,800
Admission deposit: ¥ 25,000
Room cleaning deposit of ¥ 5,000 that will be refunded in case of non-damaged room during exit inspection
Futon kit Fee: ¥ 15,000
Room Refrigerator rental: ¥ 1000/month (Separate Transportation fee of ¥ 500 for the first month)
Distance from SNG Minimum of 35 min(train+walk)
Contract period 6-months stays minimum. Short-term stay possible upon inquiry in case of unoccupied rooms.
Features Kindergarten available: numerous events in the area. Possibility to make international connections while in the dormitory.
Close to library, police box, and convenience store. Supermarket at walking distance (5 minutes).
10 minutes by train to Ikebukuro Station.
Application condition Long-term stays: minimum 6 months.