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After arriving in Japan, there are many things that need to be done before officially enrolling at Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute. To assist you in the registration processes and lessen your stress, SNG has prepared the following links and information for your convenience.

Foreign Resident Registration and National Health Insurance

All student visa holders must register as foreign residents and enroll in the National Health Insurance plan immediately following their arrival in Japan. The foreign resident registration and insurance cards can be obtained at your local ward office or city hall, known respectively as a "ku-yaku-sho" or "shi-yaku-sho,". Please contact your local ward office for more information. Student ID's will not be granted until the above has been confirmed. Students on a short-term visa are not entitled to register for the National Health Insurance plan. Instead, we recommend that students enroll in an insurance plan for illness and accidents before coming to Japan (i.e. travel insurance).
Please note that failure of non-citizens to present their residence card or passport upon request can lead to arrest and deportation.

Kanto Area Governments

Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo ward office homepages

Tokyo ward map
Saitama Saitama prefectural government

Saitama ward offices (Japanese only)
Chiba Chiba prefectural government

Chiba ward offices
Kanagawa Kanagawa prefectual government

Kanagawa ward offices

Yokohama city government

What is a visa for a semester abroad?

College student visa is for those who study at a Japanese language school, university, college or vocational school in Japan. In July 2010, pre-college student visa was integrated with the current college student visa. For more information about visa, life in Japan and legal and emergency assistance, please see your embassy or consulate website.

About part-time jobs

Students with a student visa (ryugaku visa) can apply for a “Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted” which allows them to work up to 28h/week. Students with a short term visa are not allowed to work.
More details on the Permission to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted

Earthquake and Emergency Information

Disasterprevention Center of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Measures in case of disaster, evacuation process, emergency contact, advice etc.)

Garbage collection in Tokyo

Explanation of Tokyo's garbage collection system and services.

Living in Tokyo

Miscellaneous information for foreign residents of the Tokyo area.