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A course for students to select their lesson times

Besides in-class lessons, Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute also has individualized lessons by the hour. These lessons are intended for students whose personal schedules do not match day or night class times, or for those who prefer learning one-on-one. For instance, many flight attendants have chosen this course in the past so that they may study during their short stays in Japan.

Private Japanese lessons allow students to improve Japanese at their own pace in a relaxed environment. Students are not required to meet their teachers at the school campus, and we can be flexible in case they do not have enough time to commute. SNG wants its students to succeed, which is why we provide these special lessons.
※ Attention: It is NOT possible for students attending private lessons to obtain a student visa!

Course details

• Lessons are tailored according to the individuals needs, depending on ability (from beginner to advanced), such as kanji, conversation, business Japanese, and listening comprehension practice.
• Two options: 1. a teacher is requested to visit one's workplace or 2. a student is asked to come to the school.
• The study term is flexible and will be planned according to each student's needs: 1-hour lessons once a week for a year, 3 hours a day for two weeks, etc.
• We tailor schedules to a variety of customers, from businessmen to housewives, students and children.

Private Japanese Lesson Prices
Number of person Place Registration fees Tuition fees/hour
For more than one person class, or in the case of off-campus (home, company, etc.) private Japanese lessons, please contact us. Textbook fees are not included in the above cost. Please turn in the correct amount with your application at the SNG Tokyo office.
1 person on-campus ¥15,000 ¥6,000 / ¥ 7,000 for lessons from 6 p.m.