Studying and living in Japan

Our Japanese language school in Tokyo offers

An efficient method

SNG has its own, unique Japanese teaching method. Beginner students have also access to our VLJ application and its exclusive contents

An institute recognized

By the ministry of Education, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Association for the Promotion and the Teaching of the Japanese language.

Guidance Office

Our guidance office offers support to SNG students who wish to continue their studies or look for an employment in Japan.

General- and Business Classes

In addition to our regular classes, you will be able to access our business course and study the language used in a professional environment.

Long Course

– From 1 to 2 years
– 10 levels
– With a student visa*

Short Course

– 1 to 3 month program
– 10 levels
– With a tourist visa**

Students are currently studying at SNG. After one or two years of study, many will seek an employment in Japan

Different language levels. From beginner to advanced, SNG will provide an environment suitable for your needs

Terms per year: January, April, July and October. Possibility to enroll with a student visa (long-term courses) in April and October


of our students choose to continue their studies at a Japanese university after attending SNG

We are at your disposal for any further question

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Student life

Every year, SNG receives over 600 students from 40 different countries. Our international team supports them in all aspects of their daily lives and facilitates their arrival in Japan and at the school. In addition to daily classes, SNG students have access to numerous events, excursions, and tours throughout the year. Having them discover the city’s culture, heritage and daily habits: These moments contribute to their immersion into Tokyo, the largest city on Earth.

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Our ward : 高田馬場 / Takadanobaba

Our school is located in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku District, Tokyo. Our neighborhood is known for its student life, accessibility, dynamism and cultural life.

Famous mangaka Osamu Tezuka

Here was located his studio. Many references to his works animate the district: frescoes, Astro Boy credits song at the arrival of the trains.

Tokyo's Ramen district

Not only that, but here you will also find over a hundred restaurants, many of which offer lunch sets for 500 yen.

Accessibility and Public Transportation

Served by three major metro lines, Takadanobaba is a hub giving access to all of Tokyo. The station is five minutes away from the school on foot.

Videogames, Manga and Pop Culture

Retrogaming, manga cafés and specialized bookshops. Takadanobaba is a major hangout for those who love Japanese pop culture.

SNG is a 40 years-experienced Japanese language institute. Our school is situated in Shinjuku district, center of Tokyo.

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VLJ, our app, accompanies you after classes

SNG students reviews

Cultural trip: Shimokitazawa Awaodori

Yukata Wearing Class

Your life in Tokyo

Accommodation near the school

SNG works in partnership with agencies who offer student accommodations. These partners can suggest you dormitories, share houses and apartments close to the school.

Obtaining a
Student Visa

For courses longer than three months, you will need to apply for a Student Visa. SNG owns an authorisation that allows us to carry out the preliminary steps necessary to obtain your visa.

Working with a Student Visa

It is possible to obtain a permit to work with a student visa in Japan, and the job offers suitable for students are incredibly numerous. However, do not forget that studying Japanese at SNG requires diligence and daily work.

Do you have questions?

We provide multilingual support:
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*SNG is an accredited school for the preliminary steps to obtain the student visa. **Depending on agreement between Japan and your own country