A Lecture by the Totsuka Police

This past Friday, June 3rd, the Totsuka Police held a meeting on “How to Safely Study Abroad.”

A lecture aimed at new students just beginning their study abroad term, the police gave detailed explanations about Japan’s traffic rules, crime prevention, and disaster preparation. Some translation and the principal’s illustrations were used to help students understand the more difficult Japanese.

The important points are as follows:

1. Always carry your foreign resident registration card and national health insurance card with you at all times. Never lend them to anyone.

2. Do not shoplift or behave violently.

3. Register your bicycle. Do not use other people’s bicycle without permission.

4. Do not ride two on a bike.

5. You must have a “Permission to Engage in Activity Other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted” certificate in order to legally work part-time.

6. Follow daily Japanese rules (properly sort your trash, etc).

Follow all of these rules so that you can live a fulfilling life while in Japan.