French Student Volunteers

Spring term started two weeks ago on April 11th. The earth is still shaking from time to time, the nuclear reactor problem hasn’t been fixed, but the school is continuing to return to its normal liveliness. Seeing our energetic students, I can’t be down-hearted.
Except for one person, thirteen French students that were evacuated by their government immediately after the earthquake have returned.
One of these students volunteered to go to Ishinomaki City on a Peace Boat mission. After two training sessions, he was ready for departure. I wasn’t too worried, but I asked him some questions anyway.
“What kind of work will you do?”
“I think we’ll probably clear away mud,” he answered. I told him it was going to rain and he said that he was bringing a raincoat and rain boots. All right, I thought. You’re all ready.
“Please bring your own food to eat,” I told him.
“Yes. I’ll bring cabbage, bread, tofu, and chocolate.”
Hearing that made me a little nervous, but I’m sure he’ll do his best for all of us.
With a final “take care not to get hurt,” I saw him off.