Graduation ceremony report

On March 17, our school held a graduation ceremony for the class of 2011 at Arcadia Ichigaya.

We had a variety of students – those who achieved 100 % attendance for 2 academic years;
those who delivered newspaper in the morning and studied in the afternoon; and those who improved
their Japanese daramtically – and many more. SNG teachers and staff were really happy that their students
compeleted their study and now they are heading for their future.

Quite a few students wore their traditional clothes and introduced their culture to other students.
We realized how diverse how diverse our student body was.

Students looked proud when they received the graduation certificate.
We know that they all have different plans for their future, but we want them to remember that
SNG teachers and staff will be always here if you need any help!

S=心配事があれば (If you worry about something)
N=何が何でも (you can always)
G=学校へ! (come and talk to us!)

Congratulations on your graduation!