Let’s Walk OKUTAMA !

Let’s Walk OKUTAMA !
      ~Annual “Feel the Forest” Healthy Walk Sponsorship: Okutama City~

Every year we participate in a nature walk through about 10 km of the greenery of the Okutama Forest.
The hike lasts approximately four hours, and gathers around 1,000 participants who all walk together.
At the start of the event, there will be free miso soup given out, as well as information on the history of the area in the form of an old story. The event will conclude with a liveTaiko drum performance. 
Here’s the hiking route, the Okutama old trail.

Date: 29th of April 2011(Friday)

Meeting Time: AM7:30

Meeting Place: JR Shinjuku Station, 11th track(Direction for Shibuya and Tokyo)

Transportation Fee: 2,440Yen

Admission Fee: 500Yen

※Please bring your own luch.

Sign-up Period: April 20rd(Wed)~26rd(Tue)
            Please sign up in office Building 1 or 3
※Note: Please dress comfortably and wear appropriate walking shoes as you will be
      walking for a long distance.

Event concludes at 3:00pm.