WIC Japan Classroom Meeting Information

Waseda International Club will hold Japan Classroom on Tuesdays, June 7th, 14th, and 21st. It’s a good chance for cultural exchange with Japanese university students. Please participate!

June 7th (Tuesday)
15:00 – chat time
16:30 – Japanese activity

June 14th (Tuesday)
15:00 – introduction to the local area and good, cheap restaurants
14:00 – chat time

June 21st (Tuesday)
15:00 – chat time
14:30 – Tanabata special

Meeting time:
Every Tuesday at either 14;30 or 16:15

Meeting place:
Waseda University – Building 15 lounge
(WIC staff in pink t-shirts will be waiting at the entrance to Building 15.)

Contact info:
Japan Classroom email: pastel-53dai@live.jp
WIC staff email: Mari Honma – hawa_mahal.7@ezweb.ne.jp
Phone number: 090-6185-4110