Disaster Preparedness Day for Spring 2024

On Friday, May 31, 2024, Disaster Preparedness Day was held at Shinjuku Japanese Language School. The event aimed to enable students and faculty to act calmly during an earthquake, make appropriate judgments, provide assistance, learn necessary Japanese for disaster situations, and cultivate the spirit of self-help and mutual aid to protect themselves and others.

The presentation themes were sixfold: disaster preparedness goods, emergency contact, knowledge and first aid, disaster response, pre-disaster measures, and earthquake countermeasures. Under the supervision of the teachers, students gathered information and prepared their presentations. Their earnest presentations in Japanese on the theme of disaster preparedness were truly impressive. Even the beginner-level students, who could barely speak Japanese upon arrival, delivered commendable presentations just under two months after enrollment.

Both international students and faculty members who listened to the presentations gained new knowledge. The presentations included quizzes and a stamp rally, making it a fun and meaningful day.

Well done to all the students!