Covid-19: SNG shifts all Japanese classes online

There were only 4 days between the Prime Minister’s declaration and the shutdown of schools in Japan. During which, Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute (SNG) transitioned to conducting all classes online. This entailed transitioning 34 physical classes to online platforms, training 60 teachers in digital teaching and notifying 650 students about the change.

This smooth transition was made possible by SNG’s dedication into modernizing language education. SNG invests in long term projects aimed at putting digital tools and innovation at the heart of Japanese language teaching. This enabled SNG to reconfigure to teaching Japanese classes online in a timely manner. SNG prides itself on being able to adapt to learners’ needs whether they are individuals or businesses.

SNG shifts all Japanese classes online

650 students, 34 classes and 60 teachers who changed their habits in 4 days

On Thursday February 27th, 2020, the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, ordered the shutdown of schools in Japan from March 1st. In compliance with Prime Minister Abe’s order, SNG shut down all on-site teaching at the three Takadanobaba campuses on march 1st. On the same day, we shifted to online teaching in order to fulfill our duty to our students.

It took SNG only four days to restructure their teaching method. These four days allowed us to set an alternative solution that would keep our students and our staff safe. In the process, 34 classes were reorganized, 60 teachers were trained to use online teaching tools and nearly 650 students were notified of the procedure to follow to take their classes online.

shifts all Japanese classes online

SNG, a modern Japanese language school

SNG rose to the challenge of adapting quickly as it was a good opportunity to show the efficiency at which SNG could evolve. Innovation and quick adaptation are strongly ingrained as central points of SNG’s teaching project. As a matter of fact, innovation is part of SNG’s DNA. The school has shown multiple times, in the past, its creativity in linking its teaching methods with contemporary tools. This continually modernizes the school and keeps it from becoming a stagnant environment. Our original Ezoe teaching method, which uses shapes and colors to represent grammar, illustrates this idea.

This investment in keeping the school modernized allowed a quick transition to digital tools. For example, we have developed apps and online content with NTT communications as well as developed interactive textbooks. These textbooks utilize augmented reality, sounds, videos, and animated images for a more immersive experience. We have also produced short Japanese language programs for our YouTube channel. SNG also recognized early on the importance of social networks. SNG utilizes these social networks as a bridge between teachers and students wherever they are in the world.

Online classes adapted to each’s needs

Today, SNG is a school that is able to react efficiently to the constantly changing needs and environments of a globalizing world. We pride ourselves on having the experience and resources necessary to answer the needs of both individuals and businesses that require Japanese language lessons.

SNG shifts all Japanese classes online

Takahide Ezoé, SNG’s Head Teacher Interview