JSUS/Pathways Graduation Ceremony

On March 17, 2024, a graduation ceremony and exchange meeting were held for Ukrainian students accepted by JSUS (Japan Support for Ukrainian Students), which Shinjuku Japanese Language School is a member of, and Pathways Japan.

This program accepted 100 students from Ukraine. In addition, support was provided for entry into Japan, Japanese language education, accommodation, food, and other necessities, with the help of volunteers.

These students spent two years studying Japanese at various Japanese language institutions participating in JSUS. At the graduation ceremony, many students reported their plans for further education or employment starting in April. Many expressed their desire to continue studying in Japan for a longer period.

Teachers and supporters also gathered for the ceremony, which began with the awarding of certificates, followed by speeches from supporters. A student who excelled in singing performed an anime song. There was also a tea ceremony experience to give students a taste of Japanese culture. Since it was a graduation ceremony, it marked a farewell as the students went their separate ways, but it was also a celebration of their future endeavors. The day concluded with everyone singing the Ukrainian national anthem together, celebrating this special occasion.

To all the graduating students, heartfelt congratulations! We will continue to support your future successes!