Yukata Day at SNG

On July 21st, SNG organized its very first Yukata Day. An unforgettable and eventful day which ended two weeks of related activities. Regular students, as well as staff members and summer course students, were able to enjoy it together.

SNG Matsuri au temple Tenso

Yukata sales

Yukata literally means “bath clothe”. It is a light kimono that Japaneses like to wear in summer and especially during traditional festival called “Matsuri”. If the majority of Japanese people already own one – or more – yukata, SNG students who just arrived to Tokyo to learn Japanese usually don’t. This is the reason why SNG organized, in partnership with a company specialized in Yukata, Obi (the famous wide belt) and Geta, a big sale event at school. Our students were able to buy a full set for a reasonable price.

A workshop to learn how to wear a Yukata

To own a Yukata is one thing… to know how to wear it is another! A week before the event, two workshops were organized by Osaki Sensei to learn how to wear a Yukata and to tie a Obi. A day to learn but also a full-scale initiation to one of the most emblematic features of Japanese culture. Besides, if you were looking for a tutorial to learn the art of Yukata, you should take a look at this video.

Yukata Day

On July 21st, two events punctuated the day. The first one was obviously the Yukata Day by itself; students alongside teachers and staff members came dressed in the traditional outfit. Laughs, group walks and photoshoots marked the school day. Take a look at our gallery photo of the event posted on Facebook.


The Bon Odori is a traditional festival that has been celebrated in Japan for more than 500 years. It is a time of the year when Japanese take some day off to go back to their hometown and visit their ancestor’s graves. Bon is also the name of the dance you can see at numerous Matsuri all around Japan at this time of the year. On the evening of the Yukata Day, students and staffs, still dressed in their Yukata, went to the local Matsuri to dance the bon-Odori following the rhythm of traditional Japanese music.
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