To all SNG students

The number of novel coronavirus infections reported in Tokyo is increasing rapidly. Therefore, we have decided to move classes to online for the time being, in order to reduce the risk of infection and prioritize the physical health of our students. Thank you very much for your understanding and continued cooperation.

We will monitor the situation carefully and reopen the class at school once the situation has improved. We will contact you via Google Classroom, so please make sure to check it everyday.

In the meantime, continue to wear masks when going out, wash your hands frequently and avoid 3C’s (Closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings). Especially, make sure to avoid going to nightlife districts where spikes in novel coronavirus infections are seen.

1. Online class period

  Online class period:From Saturday, 1st of August, 2020 to Monday, 31st of August (Tentative and subject to change) 
  ※We will contact you once again when we reopen the class at school.

2. If your internet is not working

  You can come to school and use the Wi-fi to attend the online class.
  If you wish to do so, please contact us in advance.