Trainees Visit From Brazil

On Thursday, July 7th, a group of 21 Brazilians led by Ms. Tsuribe came to train at our school. The group consisted of eight teachers and fourteen students. They attended Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute for three days: July 7th (Thurs), 8th (Fri), and 10th (Sun). The teachers participated in the principal’s teaching methods class, while the students learned kanji and how to write essays in Beginner I and II.

The teachers were inspired by the principal’s direct instruction, and the students had fun participating in the regular class levels. In the beginner classes, the students practiced kanji penmanship with water. It was the first time for the students to see such a technique, and they focused on their writing, on the quills and strokes, repeatedly practicing the writing method that many foreign students find so difficult.

Since July 7th was Tanabata, students wrote their wishes on strips of paper using their newly-learned Japanese. As the participants ranged in age from thirteen to forty-nine, the wishes were also varied. We hope that all those wishes come true.

Even though it was just a short time, the participants felt that it was a fulfilling three days.