Yabusame, a mounted archery event in Takadanobaba

On Monday October 9th, SNG students were invited to attend a Yabusame event at Toyama Park.

What’s Yabusame ?

Yabusame is the name of a traditional Japanese sport rather unknown, including in Japan. It is a mounted archery technique used since the end of the XII Century during the Kamakura area. With the use of a traditional bow, a long, unique asymmetrical bow with the grip not in the center but below it, the archers, on a running horse, have to shoot an arrow at three targets on a 255 meters long track.
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Every year, on the second Monday of October, a Yabusame event takes place at Toyama Park. The event is really impressing, for its folklore, its historical costumes and for the show by itself. This year several hundreds of people came to the event. If you are in Japan at this time of the year, we strongly advise you to see it. If you want to start learning Japanese during your trip or improve your current level, please contact us!

Yabusame, a traditional Japanese mounted archery