Study abroad in Japan: Spend your summer in Tokyo

SNG’s Summer Course is a summer stay in Japan that offers a wide range of cultural activities, tours and day trips. Throughout your stay, your days will be divided between Japanese classes in the morning and cultural activities in the afternoon. Anyone can join, regardless of their level of Japanese. Each activity offered by SNG is supervised by an international team that will ensure all participants feel at ease.

Study Japanese language in Japan Summer Course

For many teenagers and young adults, summer holidays are the ideal time to travel and discover new places. Study abroad programs are the perfect fit for them as they usually offer programs that include excursions, tours, cultural discoveries and language practice. This is the case for SNG’s Summer Course.

Study abroad. A summer in Japan

Summer Course in Japan. Discover Tokyo!

Every summer, SNG holds its own Summer Course, a study abroad program that lasts for 3 to 4 weeks and lets students get immersed in Tokyo. Japanese classes, cultural activities, day trips, games… Students can enjoy an upscale program that allows them to discover Japanese culture as well as iconic locations in the capital. Far from the idea of imposing a list of activities on students, SNG’s summer course also gives momentum to free time so that students can shape their schedule and itinerary according to their own wishes.

Day trip to Kamakura with SNG students

Japanese classes adapted to your own level

During the Summer Course, days are split into two parts: Japanese classes in the morning and cultural activities in the afternoon. Classes are usually fitted for beginners, however, students who have already studied Japanese prior coming to Japan, and have reached a certain level, can join a different class suited to their needs, among the different levels offered by the school. Each class lasts for three hours and thirty minutes per day.

Beginner class for Japanese language students at SNG

Summer program. Activities schedule

Supervised activities: Discover traditional Japan

A study abroad program is not just studying in a foreign country: it’s also the pleasure to travel abroad while making new friends from all around the world. In Japan, it’s also a chance to get immersed in a unique environment and culture, completely different from each participant’s cultural background. SNG’s Summer Course is also here to foster these discoveries: lesson on how to wear a yukata (summer kimono), participation to a Bon Odori – a traditional festival that takes place in the same area as the school – tea ceremony and many other activities are offered to students joining us. It’s a real opportunity to dive into Japanese traditions and cultures. You won’t find anything else like it!.

Bonodori festival in Takadanobaba, Tokyo

Explore iconic places of pop culture, manga and anime

What’s a summer study abroad if participants cannot dispose of their free time to create their own itinerary and go to their dream places? SNG’s Summer Course guarantees that each student has plenty of free time during his or her stay. Students usually take advantage of these times to visit emblematic Japanese pop culture places, such as Akihabara, otakus’ favorite place. Also called “Tokyo’s electric town”, it has an abundance of shops and cafes dedicated to video games or J-pop. Anime and manga lovers will probably head in the direction of Nakano to discover the famous “Nakano Broadway”, a shopping mall with unique vintage vibes. Only a few minutes away from school by train, this shopping complex is full of shops specialized in comics, anime and figurines, making it one of a kind in Japan.

Nakano, the best place in Tokyo for anime and manga lovers

Supervision and safety: professional and dedicated team

With 13.3 million people living in Tokyo and 40 million people living in the Greater Tokyo area, the Japanese capital is one of the most populated cities in the world. However, it is often awarded with the title of the “safest city in the world”, far ahead of western cities. Because SNG’s top priority is to ensure that every participant’s stay goes smoothly and safely, SNG provides participants with a multilingual support team that will help and assist each student through the whole Summer Course and during activities. Our staff are professionals, used to international exchanges and very attentive to participants’ needs throughout their stay in Japan.

How to wear a yukata, summer kimono

Join SNG’s Summer Course

Want to know more details? Visit our official website for SNG’s Summer Course in Japan to discover our program in details as well as the dates for the next session. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.

Awaodori festival in Kagurazaka