University Enrollment・School Recommendation Seminar

On August 6th and 7th, we held a seminar for Designated School Recommendations systems in our counselor office.
Our target demographic was students who planned on enrolling in university after completing their Japanese studies. We had around 50 students total show up for the seminar.
SNG is partnered with over 20 colleges, allowing us to distribute recommendations to prospective students. Students are required to have above 90% attendance rate, good grades, and be well-behaved in class.
Virtually all of our partnered-universities have set aside openings specifically for our students. Should a student receive a recommendation, they are nearly guaranteed to pass.
About 50% of the schools that have keep spots open for SNG students do not require EJU test scores, meaning it is possible to pass the examination through just an interview.
(Standards differ between universities, so we recommend consulting with the student advisors in the counselor’s office.)

指定校推薦制度説明会University Enrollment・School Recommendation Seminar

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