Japanese Culture & Traditions

SNG Matsuri au temple Tenso

Students danced at Awa Odori in Shimokitazawa

On August 18th, some SNG students got the opportunity to take part in one of the major summer event in Tokyo : Shimokitazawa Awaodori Festival. What’s Awa Odori ? Awa Odori literally means : “Awa dance”. The Awa Odori exists since the XVI Century and it used to be celebrated in Tokushima. It is also […]

etudier le japonais au Japon

Mikoshi Parade in Takadanobaba’s streets

On September 3rd, a group of students from SNG took part in the traditional Mikoshi parade in Takadanobaba. What’s a Mikoshi ? Mikoshi (神輿) literally means “Divin Palanquin”. It is often seen as a building standing on wooden pillars. During Shinto processions, people carry the palanquin around the area in the belief that the Kami […]

Sanbon-jime, a japanese clapping

Sanbon-jime is a custom in Japan, a hand clapping that people proceed to celebrate the end of an event as meeting, banquets, wedding, company parties and other business negotiations. There are several way to proceed like itcho-jime (一丁締め) which consist in a single clap or also the ippon-jime (一本締め) which is a triple serie of […]

SNG Suika Wari

Suikawari, a japanese summer game

With daily temperatures reaching 30 degrees or more, summer has made its way to Tokyo. This is the perfect moment for SNG Summer course students and AFS program participants to discover the famous and refreshing Japanese game known as SuikaWari (スイカ割り) – Lit. Watermelon splitting. What’s Suikawari ? As its name suggests, the goal of […]