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10 tips to prepare for the JLPT

10 tips to prepare for the JLPT

10 tips as well as links to free online practice tests that will allow you to check your level and better prepare for the JLPT. Organize your study routine Save some time to review what you’ve learned Look up what you need to learn for the JLPT level you are aiming for Put off till […]

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Learn how to say “I love you” in Japanese

To confess your love, you can say: “好きです。付き合ってください。(suki desu. tsuki atte kudasai) which means: “I like you. Go out with me, please.”. You can also say 愛してる (aishiteru) for “I love you”, but be careful not to overuse it. In Japan, love is rather shown through actions than spoken. Where 好き (suki) expresses affection and […]

How to wish a happy new year in Japanese?

Leaves have started to fall, days are getting shorter and shorter and temperatures are dropping. That’s right, winter is on its way! And winter means… holidays! Just like any other country, this time of the year is very important in Japan as well, especially New Year. It brings out another set of very specific traditions […]